Military strength and conditioning program

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military strength and conditioning program

Tactical Fitness: The Elite Strength and Conditioning Program for Warrior Athletes and the Heroes of Tomorrow inluding Firefighters, Police, Military and Special Forces by Stewart Smith


Over the past decade, Special Ops fitness has morphed into a new fitness genre along with military, police, and firefighter fitness called tactical fitness. Developed by a former Navy SEAL and building upon Special Ops fitness techniques, Tactical Fitness is designed to train you to perform to the rigorous physical training standards at the same level of excellence required of these Heroes of Tomorrow.         

At the core of this program is the Tactical Fitness Test which measures 12 standards for your physical capacity, including: cardiovascular conditioning, strength, muscle coordination, and stamina. Tactical fitness means having the skills needed to save lives and extend the limits of your endurance whether you are in the military, police, firefighting professions, or just an everyday hero.

Designed for both men and women, Tactical Fitness presents a series of scaled workout plans—programs based in calisthenics, cardio, and swimming—supplemented with weights, full-body exercises, and functional athletic movements. Unique skills presented also include rope climbing, grip strength, carries, wall climbs, and much more.
With Tactical Fitness, you will:
• Reach your absolute physical peak with the same workout techniques used by Special Forces military, firefighters, and police
• Follow a rigorous fitness curriculum designed to help you exceed the limits of your strength, speed, and endurance
• Benefit from all the teaching expertise of former Navy SEAL Stew Smith
• Be ready for whatever life throws at you
Tactical Fitness sets a standard of excellence that does more than meet the minimum requirement—it allows you to reach your full physical potential!

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Stewart Smith

Robbie Dunlop

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Tactical strength and conditioning is the application of strength and conditioning principles in a tactical e. Despite promising growth over the past few years within various tactical organisations, there is still a fair amount of confusion as to what exactly tactical strength and conditioning should look like. Highlighting unique challenges, identifying common solutions, and exploring current and future research will make it easier to optimise the performance of tactical athletes at all levels. The importance of the tactical athlete and the role they play in the battlespace has been appreciated for centuries. As far back as , Dr. While the exact details of these projects are beyond the scope of this article, the general principles behind tactical strength and conditioning are worth discussing. Before determining what tactical strength and conditioning is, it is important to discuss what it is not.


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