Ivy and bean break the fossil record summary

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ivy and bean break the fossil record summary

Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record by Annie Barrows

When her classroom teacher, Ms. Aruba-Tate, gives her a copy of The Amazing Book of World Records during a Drop Everything and Read session, second-grader Bean, together with her best friend Ivy, is soon involved in an effort to become a world record holder in... something. Attempting to hold hundreds of straws in her mouth, or to break a glass figurine (pilfered from her older sister Nancys collection) by singing brings little success, however, so Bean, influenced by Ivys current obsession with Mary Anning, sets her sights on becoming the worlds youngest paleontologist. Finding some old bones buried in the back yard, the two friends become convinced that they have unearthed a dinosaur, and spread the news far and wide...

I really enjoyed this third entry in author Annie Barrows and illustrator Sophie Blackalls series of chapter-books devoted to the (mis)adventures of best friends Ivy and Bean. Once again the text and artwork captured the very different personalities of the two girls, while delivering an engaging story that was humorous, and sometimes quite thought-provoking. Theres this lovely little scene, about halfway through, when Ivy and Bean are discussing being right, and whether or not it matters if others know you are right:

I want other people to know Im right. Especially when I really am right.
Ivy thought for a moment. But youre still right, even if they dont think so.
I guess. Bean sighed. I just feel better if other people think Im right too.
Hardly anybody ever thinks Im right, said Ivy.
Bean nodded. That was true. A lot of people didnt understand Ivys ideas. She had had plenty of practice at not being believed. Thats probably why she didnt get as mad about it as Bean did. She just went ahead with her ides anyway. You can do whatever you want if you dont care what people think, Bean realized. But you have to do it alone a lot of the time.

Quite a little philosophical interlude to work in to a beginning chapter-book - especially one that operates as a humorous story, at the surface level! I was also quite charmed by Ivys Mary Anning obsession here, since we recently read a childrens biography of Anning, for The Picture-Book Clubto which I belong. Good to know that young readers will learn who she was, through this entertaining story. Finally, given the fact that Bean can be somewhat mean-spirited, I really appreciated the fact that she admits (mostly), in a scene toward to the end of the book, that she is wrong: Bean sucked in her breath. She knew what she had to say. You were right and we were wrong, she said. Probably.

All in all, a worthy addition to the Ivy and Bean series, one I would recommend to any chapter-book reader who enjoyed the first two.
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Ivy & Bean Break the Fossil Record Annie Barrows Audiobook

Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record

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Reviewed by Peter Roopnarine and Rhiannon Roopnarine. First, the cover had two girls on it; second, the cover illustration was very funny, and third, the book promised to be about fossils and paleontology. She identified her first fossils correctly, molluscs from the Pliocene Pinecrest Formation of Florida, when she was only three! And for the past two summers she has worked as a paid assistant in the paleontology lab at the California Academy of Sciences earning money for rubber snakes and Barbie dolls. So, she was naturally intrigued by a book that claimed to tell the story of the world's youngest paleontologists, and also one that claimed to break the Fossil Record.


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