Romeo and juliet time period clothing

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romeo and juliet time period clothing

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Fashion During the Elizabethan Era: What Romeo and Juliet Wore

All the bloody wars aside, fashion remains to be an interesting aspect of history for every era. Each era has its own distinct trends, and the Elizabethan era is no exception. Known for its complex hairstyles, bold colors and elaborate trims not something like custom printed t shirts in modern days. The Elizabethan era got everyone in the s looking glamorous. The Elizabethan era favored a unique silhouette that became the basis for the type of clothes worn by people during the period.

Clothing During the s The type of clothing worn during the s is much different than what is worn today, not just for women but men also. In the s, fashion was a large part of the culture of a town. In the beginning, fashion usually separated people from their classes, the wealthy wearing certain items, the middle class others, and the lower class much different from the others. But as time went on, the middle class began to copy the wealthy and fashion integrated into what everyone wore. Unlike today, men wore extremely elaborate, layered and feminine outfits. Lace collars, magnificent head pieces and ruffs were usually worn on the head and neck.

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Romeo and Juliet. Today you may truley wear what you please, however in the Elizabethen Era what you wore was based on your rank and you social class. The higher your rank was the nicer, better clothing you had. The most distinctive aspect of the Elizabethan Era is the clothing they wore. Women in the Elizabethan Era wore dresses that broadened their shoulders and slimmed their hips. There are many steps to getting on and wearing a high class Elizabethan dress.


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