Harry styles and his cat

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harry styles and his cat

Quote by Natalie Stenger: “Notice how Harry Styles smile is like the Chesh...”

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Published 16.12.2018

Does One Direction Have Tattoo Regrets?

His eponymous debut album " Harry Styles " was released on May 12, Harry mentioned in his X Factor audition that he planned to study law, and, in a interview, again commented that he would've studied to be a lawyer, if music hadn't worked out.

Does Harry Styles like cats?

Many of you know the basic story of Harry Styles ' life by now. Harry Styles' Best Looks. Harry Edward Styles was born on Feb. He has an older sister named Gemma, who was born in The family moved to Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire, when he was a baby and, according to Anne, her son's first word was "cat.

I have received so many questions, so I thought I would make a larger post about it. This was right after X Factor finished up, and if I had to guess, around the time the boys officially started dating. The accounts were most likely made because they had to delete their real Facebooks due to X Factor fans finding them. They thought they were being sly by pretending that Dusty and Ted were in a relationship, a cat and a dog. Yes, these accounts were real and run by Harry and Louis. Their mothers, sisters and friends all friended, followed and interacted with them. The boys had no idea how big they would become or that their fans would essentially be the FBI, so at the time, I am sure it seemed like a great idea.

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    Where were you on December 4, ?

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    Harry Styles is one-fifth of the biggest boybands in the world - One Direction.

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    Harry Styles has a dog I thought he just has a cat name Dusty what's the dogs name Anonymous said: i'm sorry but can you do a harry in a snapback/beanie .

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