Walker and alex first kiss

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walker and alex first kiss

With a Kiss, I Die: A Bwwm Romance by K Alex Walker

She was still in the red dress. Her hair glittered under the dark sky. Both billowed behind her in the wind. She stood at the edge of the cliff where hed nearly dove and ended his life, following the notes of her voice.

She was holding his notebook. His tattered five-cent notebook from Woolworths. And reading his words. With tears catching on each syllable.

I still plan to finish that, he said, approaching her carefully with a sudden need to clear his throat. Its not my best writing, really.

She faced him. Its like poetry, when you write.

Ben clutched his heart, attempted to feign embarrassment, but the real thing flushed through him. That means the world...coming from you.

She closed the notebook, but she didnt hand it to him. Instead, she clasped it to her chest. Are you here to stop me?


Because you cant live without me.


Even if youll die?

* * * * *

A BWWM Romance about a girl who spends her entire life thinking she is cursed, and the man who never expected to fall for her.
Benjamin Strickland, head writer for The Daily Newspaper in New York City, assumes his latest story is exactly what the newspaper wants. However, the paper decides to take a new direction, and its a direction Ben is certain he doesnt want to follow. So he quits, in the middle of the day, knowing the brash decision could possibly leave him blackballed by the entire journalism community.
His decision leads him to Abigail Rossino, a feminist photographer who shows him the image that will change Bens life forever as he knows it: a woman with blue hair who lives in the mountains on the Caribbean island of Oyster Key. She is known to the islanders as La Fanesta-the ghost-and legend has it that she was banished to the mountains having been born cursed with a deadly, poisonous touch reminiscent of King Midas.
Ben follows Abigail to Oyster Key expecting a story instead about a girl raised in isolation, an expos? about another feral child of the twentieth-century sure to win him the coveted Pulizter prize. What he doesnt count on is rare beauty and kindness. Laughter and friendship. Finding, for the first time in his life, something more important to him than the latest major scoop.
And falling into a love he could have never written...even in his wildest headline.
A slow burn romance that is part of the anticpated Flashback Series, but can be read as a standalone.
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Truly Madly Deeply - Walker and Alex

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K Alex Walker

TV Yearbook

Bear with me readers! Alex Cahill was sitting at her desk, looking over her latest case, without really reading it. She was going to have to go down to South Texas to the small town of Gems for a witness statement. According to her research the town was barely big enough to be called a town, but she had no choice because she was still trying to prove herself in this law office. Moody decided that going to an unknown town by herself was unacceptable so he was talking to the ranger's captain right now to see if any rangers were available to go with her and Alex couldn't sit still, she was so nervous. She was praying with all her might that it wasn't Cordell Walker.

An action-oriented modern-day Western about a Lone Star lawman who relies on martial arts to subdue bad guys. Walker's unsubtle butt-kicking ways are often at odds with those of his partners, who favor a more cerebral way of dealing with criminals. This was a popular if undemanding vehicle for deadpan karate champ and action-film star Chuck Norris who more… An action-oriented modern-day Western about a Lone Star lawman who relies on martial arts to subdue bad guys. This was a popular if undemanding vehicle for deadpan karate champ and action-film star Chuck Norris who even sang the title song. While Trivette seeks the reckless driver who put Walker in a coma, C. Wilson keep a vigil, and recall memories that include Alex and Walker's first meetingand first kiss.

He is a decorated Vietnam vet and a martial arts expert. He lived with his parents John and Elizabeth Firewalker, until the age of 12, when they were senselessly murdered by a trio of white supremacists. He was then sent to live on a Cherokee reservation with his paternal uncle Ray. On the reservation, the young Cordell lived a hard life, especially with some peers who bullied him, until one day, Billy Grey Wolf intervened and defended Walker causing the two to become "blood brothers". His name in Cherokee language is Washoe, which means "lone eagle". As an adult, after winning a world championship kickboxing title, Cordell enlisted in the U.

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Alexandra Cahill-Walker is a district attorney working in Dallas, Texas., Hey Guys!! This is my first real story so be gentle!





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