Determination and persistence short stories

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determination and persistence short stories

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Stories About Determination, Persistence And Never Giving Up

Jadev, who goes by the nickname Molai, made it his mission to prevent other animals in the region from dying in the same manner, but the Indian government did not understand his vision and refused to help. Molai persisted alone for 30 years, planting trees and even importing ants, to create an ecosystem that would thrive on its own. In , it was discovered by authorities who were chasing a herd of elephants; they were surprised and impressed at what he accomplished. It is now named Molai forest and home to dozens of different species, including tigers, rhinoceros, deer, rabbits, and apes. It was done in the name of science. He began his search for an answer when told as a child it would indeed lead to arthritis as an adult.

As he was a kid, his father as a horse trainer was moving from stable to stable, from ranch to ranch, training horses. One day, when he was a senior, teacher asked him to write about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He did not hesitate a minute and wrote seven-page paper about his aim to be an owner of a horse ranch, he wrote many details and drew a location of buildings and stables and even a detailed house plan. There is no possibility that you will reach your great goals one day. The boy went home and asked his father, how he should act. After several days the boy brought the same paper to his teacher. No changes were made.

Read Determination and Persistence from the story Motivational Short Stories by 14joycee with reads. thought-provoking, chances, life. This is a real lif.
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Be Persistent. Keep Trying For as Long as it Takes

A Story of Determination :

Audrey's passion for helping others is magnified in her self-help writings. As a speaker and author she answers the call when needed. Being persistent is a skill that anyone can develop. Do you give up too soon? If so, where's your determination?

Reading stories about perseverance and determination can be very motivating for kids. She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton highlights American women have persisted against obstacles to achieve great things. This book features 40 women in American history who have persevered and led determined lives. Emmanuel was determined to travel by bike almost miles in 10 days to raise awareness and spread his message. The Girl With a Mind for Math releases later in


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    Here you will find a collection of short inspirational stories about determination, persistence and never giving up, that will inspire and encourage you.

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