Earl carpenter beauty and the beast

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earl carpenter beauty and the beast

The Beast and the Barons Daughter by Charlotte Darcy

Discover a tale as old as time in this sweet and wholesome romance, The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter.

After the death of her father Jane finds herself in a tough situation. He may have been a Baron, but he left her with little. To get by Jane takes a job as a companion with the aging Lady Ariadne Melton a wealthy, spirited woman.

Nathaniel Alexander, the Earl of Sotheby, has become quite the recluse after being wounded during the war. Once known for his wealth and handsomeness Nathaniel cannot bear for people to see his now ruined face.

Lady Ariadne is determined that Jane shall storm Nathaniel’s castle. Though, he is not prepared for the events his Aunt has in store or the people he must face. This most terrifying of tasks would be unbearable, but, Jane is sympathetic of Nathaniel’s plight and determined to help him overcome his shame.

Can Nathaniel accept the love offered to him or will he forever remain alone in the darkness?

Find out in the first of Bestselling Author Charlotte Darcy’s re-imagined fairy tale romance the amusing and romantic tale of The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter.

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Me - Beauty and the Beast 1995

Earl Carpenter (born 9 May ) is an English musical theatre actor, recognised chiefly for his . Musical Mad; Disney's Beauty and the Beast – Original London Cast Recording; The Witches of Eastwick – Original London Cast Recording.
Charlotte Darcy

Artist / Performer Bio

I always wanted to visit Germany. And I just fell in love with the country. I have this fascination with the German language as well. When I was a young boy I used to live in Saudia Arabia and there are similarities between both languages and I just love listening to them. And now are we here — in this former sex cinema and I love it! The guys are good musicians, you have a good banter and people love their energy and enjoyment.

Latest News on Earl Carpenter

Sure, this musical adaptation of the Oscar-winning animated blockbuster is at base synthetic, a slick product of corporate culture rather than a genuine act of passion or imagination. Inside the castle of the Beast Alasdair Harvey , the household objects are having their own high old time. Potts is sweet without being saccharine, Di Botcher lets rip as a Welsh-accented dresser-cum-diva, Madame de la Grande Bouche. Even beefed up from Broadway, the set design owes more to theme park illustration than anything to do with the theater. Amid such support, the leads can be forgiven for seeming secondary. For the moment, one can be grateful for the sea change in a show about buried humanity that has required a trans-Atlantic crossing to seem even remotely humane.

EarlCarpenter is undoubtedly one of the leading musical theatre stars of our generation, taking on the most iconic roles in the West End and on Broadway. But as the Southampton-born leading man embarks on another exciting chapter in his career he opens up about about how his performances as Inspector Javert in Les Miserables affected his health, leaving him with five slipped discs and fearing he was having a heart attack. The drama forced him to terminate his Broadway contract with Sir Cameron Mackintosh but has led him to re-evaluate his life. Anyone who has seen Earl live will vouch he is an extraordinarily talented performer. There has not been a finer Javert or Phantom.

Row upon row of excited faces, a packed house waiting eagerly for him to perform. It was a sell-out, a full house for a show he feared was going to be a failure. But there is no other scenario in which they will get to experience that moment! Earl, who runs Ginger Boy Productions, is a huge name in the world of musical theatre. One of the reasons he wanted to give the experience of taking part in such a professional show for free is because he firmly believes his worldwide success is rooted in the fact that, as a youngster growing up in Dorset, he was involved in amateur dramatics on a big scale. The drama teacher Liz Perry used to make us do Christmas concerts.


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