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mr and mrs light up sign michaels

Mr. and Miss Anonymous by Fern Michaels

This could have been a good book if the writing hadnt been so awful and if some of the story elements had been reconsidered. The basic premise had a lot of potential, but the sentence structure was incredibly choppy and the dialogue was terrible. The same character would go on about something for several paragraphs in a row without interruption, then suddenly change the subject in the last sentence. Also, the characters used each others names excessively. Its almost like the author had to keep reminding herself who was speaking to whom at each point in the story.

The jacket copy made it seem like this book would be more of a romance, but in reality the mystery/suspense elements of the plot were much more important than the romantic ones. I enjoy romantic suspense novels so the switch didnt bother me that much, but I do wish the romance between Pete and Lily had been better developed. The prologue outlines the single time Lily and Pete met when they were in college, so we know from the outset that they didnt know each other well back then. However, when they meet again 19 years later, the author tries to convince us that there was a lot more between them than there really was. For example, Lily miraculously knows details such as Petes donor number, which I dont think he mentioned during their first meeting. Even if he did mention it, its incredibly unrealistic to expect that Lily would remember such a tiny detail after nearly two decades had passed.

Pete and Lily decided that they were in love with each other WAY too quickly. When they meet up for the second time, they spend nearly every second focusing on finding Josh and figuring out the secrets behind the fertility clinic. They have almost no personal conversations at all, yet somehow within a couple of days Pete is telling Lily how much he loves her and asking her to give up her entire life to get married and move to Montana with him. Really? They know virtually nothing about each other and suddenly theyre both going to walk away from their companies to move to Petes ranch in Montana? It didnt make any sense to me at all. Aside from the speed of their courtship, Pete was such an arrogant egomaniac that I couldnt figure out what Lily could possibly see in him. Lily herself was an afterthought for much of the story; other than one short chapter in the beginning of the book, the story is told from Pete and Joshs perspectives, with occasional glimpses into whats going through Tessies mind. Even though she was supposed to be the storys female lead, I really didnt get to know Lily well enough to understand her character.

The part of the story that featured Josh and the other children from the school was incredibly bothersome as well. First of all, Josh mentions several times that the Internet is his life. Why on earth would the people in charge of the human testing program allow the children to access the Internet? Wouldnt they want to keep the kids cut off from the world so they wouldnt be able to tell anyone what was going on at the school? Second, Josh knew way too much about the outside world for someone who had been so isolated from it. Sure, his teachers probably told him a lot, but he still should have found it a lot more difficult to get along outside of the school. Third, what was the author thinking when she decided that Josh should start talking to ghosts? I nearly quit reading right then and there because it was just so out of left field. Im really not sure why I kept reading since we already knew who was behind the fertility clinic and that they were using the children as human lab rats. I guess I just couldnt stand the thought of not finishing what I had started. I should have saved myself the time and aggravation because the story only went downhill from there.

Overall, I would not recommend this book for anyone. Thank goodness I was able to find it at the library because I would feel incredibly ripped off if I had actually paid money to read it. Ive read a few books by Fern Michaels in the past and dont remember them being so poorly written. Either its time for her to retire or the other books Ive read were so bad that Ive blocked them out of my mind. In any event, I wont be picking up anything else of hers in the future.
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HOUSE of Mr and Mrs. Michaels, Bacolod, Philippines

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HOUSE of Mr and Mrs. Michaels, Bacolod, Philippines

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