Christian science death and dying

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christian science death and dying

Gods Perfect Child: Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church by Caroline Fraser

From a former Christian Scientist, the first unvarnished account of one of Americas most controversial and little-understood religious movements.

Millions of americans-from Lady Astor to Ginger Rogers to Watergate conspirator H. R. Haldeman-have been touched by the Church of Christ, Scientist. Founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879, Christian Science was based on a belief that intense contemplation of the perfection of God can heal all ills-an extreme expression of the American faith in self-reliance. In this unflinching investigation, Caroline Fraser, herself raised in a Scientist household, shows how the Church transformed itself from a small, eccentric sect into a politically powerful and socially respectable religion, and explores the human cost of Christian Sciences remarkable rise.

Fraser examines the strange life and psychology of Mary Baker Eddy, who lived in dread of a kind of witchcraft she called Malicious Animal Magnetism. She takes us into the closed world of Eddys followers, who refuse to acknowledge the existence of illness and death and reject modern medicine, even at the cost of their childrens lives. She reveals just how Christian Science managed to gain extraordinary legal and Congressional sanction for its dubious practices and tracks its enormous influence on new-age beliefs and other modern healing cults.

A passionate expose of zealotry, Gods Perfect Child tells one of the most dramatic and little-known stories in American religious history.
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Dying the Christian Science way: the horror of my father’s last days

A two-year old baby girl, dies of a treatable lung infection, as her mother " In Florida, a family withheld "insulin" from their "diabetic daughter" which resulted in her death El Paso Times, December 6, , p. In , Natalie, an 8-month-old child died " These are but a few of the countless cases, in which members of this nationally recognized Church, have died as a result of refusing to seek medical treatment. In the 20th Century, an age when science is making such strides in medical technology, why would people refuse medical treatment for their own children? Because the Church of Christ, Scientist , better known as Christian Science, denies the reality of sickness. In her book Rudimental Divine Science , Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the movement, declares, "What seem to be disease, vice, and mortality are illusions of the physical senses," ed.

The anti-medical dogma of Christian Science led my father to an agonising death. By Caroline Fraser. Tue 6 Aug W hen I was a baby, my grandfather delighted me by playing a game. He made a fist sandwich, fingers laced together and hidden in his palms, showing me his thumbs closed upon them.

David and Ginger Twitchell, a Christian Science couple from Massachusetts who relied on prayer rather than on doctors as their young son lay dying from an obstructed bowel, were convicted of involuntary manslaughter last month. It was a stunning verdict, coming as it did in the very shadow of the Mother Church in Boston.
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Christian Science, medicine and prayer | Letter

Later she founded what is now the Christian Science Church. Instead, they believe suffering, both emotional and physical, to be a distortion of the mind. Grounded in these teachings, Christian Scientists rely on spiritual healing. To acknowledge a death, they gather in the home of the deceased or in a funeral home or crematorium. There, a Christian Scientist practitioner, one who has demonstrated a consistent ability to heal, conducts the service. There are no specific ceremonies, but the group may hear readings from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the King James Bible.


  1. Regdeilemo says:

    The anti-medical dogma of Christian Science led my father to an agonising death. The early popularity of Christian Science was tied directly to the promise engendered by its core beliefs: the promise of healing. The founder and leader of the church, Mary Baker Eddy, taught that.

  2. Laurette T. says:

    Christian Science is a set of beliefs and practices belonging to the metaphysical family of new religious movements.

  3. Calinica C. says:

    Christian Scientists are part of an anti-medicine cult that teaches members that they can heal anything — including death itself — with nothing more than simple prayers.

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