Literacy coach interview questions and answers

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literacy coach interview questions and answers

The Literacy Coachs Survival Guide: Essential Questions and Practical Answers by Cathy A. Toll

Although this book is obviously targeted at helping literacy coaches, it has a lot of practical advice for anyone who works with people (so most everyone who is employed...or interacts with the world!) This book will be a useful reference for many careers I may find myself in. Topics covered include change (dealing with it, helping others through it), laying the groundwork for successful employment at a new position, communicating effectively with colleagues individually and in groups, working with people whose opinions differ from yours, as well as many other topics.

A few things that stick out:
1. Take a few minutes every week to note the things you have accomplished (133). What great advice for everyone who feels swamped at work and/or works in a challenging situation.

2. The idea that you cant be an expert in everything and that you shouldnt strive for that. Rather, you should know how to find answers and focus on continuing to move forward. (54)

3. When a colleague (or in your personal life, friend, family member) asks for advice, dont rush to answer. Rather, first respond with silence to allow the person some time to truly express their thoughts. (65)

4. As a literacy coach, regular conferences with teachers are essential. Records should be kept from these conferences. Now, what I also took from this is that people working together should have regular one-on-one conferences with each other. Although a literacy coach should not be a supervisor of a teacher, I am thinking that this message of regular conferences could be carried over to a boss with her employees. This makes the employee feel this his concerns are important and that he is supported.
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Instructional Specialist Interview

Questions are open and honest – i.e. coach does not know the answer and wants to Teachers articulating why they made particular instructional decisions.
Cathy A. Toll

Literacy Specialist Interview Questions

Literacy Specialist Interview Questions. Look for the candidate's ability to learn. Top 4 Interview Mistakes. Say Hi or Provide a Suggestion. Share an experience in which you used new training skills, ideas, or a method to adapt to a new situation or improve an ongoing one.

Your resume and cover letter are only the first steps to the destination. The last and final one is the interview. This is where your future in the company will be decided. Being immobilized with anxiety is a common occurrence prior to interviews — our careers depend on how well we handle interviews and it is no wonder that we often get stuck. Prior to an interview, it is necessary to thoroughly self-examine yourself.

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Just like athletes get ready for the big Friday night game, by running, throwing catches, and rehearsing plays, teachers who want to be an Instructional Coach should practice before the big game i. Interviewing to be an Instructional Coach is hard, so take your time and be honest and most importantly show that you can exact change in this position! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow Us! Follow Me!


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    Potential answer: This is a basic question that many principals will ask for not only an Instructional Coach interview but also for any classroom.

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