The odyssey questions and answers

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the odyssey questions and answers

The Odyssey Trivia

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Sphinx's Riddles/Questions - all Answers - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The Odyssey Short Answer Test - Answer Key

In Book 1, who seeks to punish Odysseus interminably? How did Odysseus anger the god dess who seeks to punish him in Book 1? Where is Odysseus at the beginning of the poem? Which god dess visits Telemachus at the beginning of the poem? In addition to offering advice, what else does Mentes from Taphos give to Telemachus? What does Mentes tell Telemachus in Book 1 that he must do? View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags.

Cyclops blinded by Odysseus, Polyphemus. Son of Odysseus, Telemachus. men trying to marry Penelope, suitors. why does Penelope unravel the burial shroud.
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Question : What is an epic simile? Answer : An epic simile is a long comparison using like or as. Find examples of epic similes. Question : In what ways is Odysseus an epic hero? Answer : Odysseus displays the essential traits of an epic hero: strength, nobility, confidence, courage, and the love of glory. He gains fame through his intellect and cunning, using both to help the Greek army destroy Troy. As with all Homeric heroes, Odysseus possesses hubris , or pride, which causes him to do really stupid things.

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