Snow white and the huntsman wicked witch

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snow white and the huntsman wicked witch

Snow White & the Huntsman by Lily Blake

I did it!! I finished the book before I saw the movie at 5:00pm today.

You know what? I loved the book and the movie. Charlize Theron is a wonderful actress and she went hard as the Evil Queen Ravenna. Chris Hemsworth *Swoon* I love him and as Eric he was perfect. I cant see anyone replacing him. Now onto Snow White... Snow... Oh, Snow... Kristin... Snow... WHY? To be honest I still dont think she brought anything to Snow White. Im sorry Twilighters but she will forever be Bella frickin Swan. I wish they would have gotten Malese Jow. She would have made a wonderful Snow White. The movie was great, I loved the score, all of the actors except for Kristin. I loved her In The Runaways and Panic Room but not as Snow White. I also heard it will be a trilogy. What??? how? and why? The movie ended and everything is well. Why two more movies? how in the fuck will they pull this shit off?? I dont get it. I honestly dont get how there will be two more movies. Its insane.

The novel is a tie-in to the motion picture. What does this mean? it means that the author Lily Blake took the script and worked it into novel form. Lily Blake! you did a spectacular job converting the script into a book. I applaud you tremendously! The book was fast paced, full of action, and I couldnt stop reading it. Why cant more authors write books like this? the character development was perfect, the story line was set, and the writing was freaking awesome. Even though this is a novelization of a movie, it has become one of my favorites of 2012. This book was 220 pages, did you hear that kiddos? 220 pages! not 500, not 900, not 1000, 220 pages. And what a bomb ass 220 paged book that was. If there are any others besides me out there reading this, take pointers from Lilys writing, she knows how to give you everything in a small amount and I hope to read one of her own books soon. This is my opinion, you may hate the book and the movie but that is all you. I enjoyed both but I loved the book more. Also, there are differences with the book and the movie. Some things are explained better in the book and there are more scenes. All thanks to the writer.

Read the book before you see the movie! :)

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Snow White - the Jealous Queen Becomes an Evil Witch

Snow White and the Huntsman is a American fantasy film based on the German fairy tale In the film's retelling of the tale, Snow White grows up imprisoned by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna, a powerful sorceress. Films about witchcraft Universal Pictures films Films with screenplays by John Lee Hancock.
Lily Blake

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A powerful sorceress with the ability to manipulate ice and snow, Freya was the second-born daughter of an unnamed sorceress , the younger sister of Queen Ravenna and the older sister of Finn , the secret lover of the late Duke of Blackwood , and the mother of her late infant daughter. Although she seemed to be as cold, ruthless, and manipulative as her sister, Freya was also as much a victim of tragic circumstance as Ravenna had been, and showed in numerous instances that she still had retained some semblances of decency and compassion. Ultimately, she proved to be a sympathetic character, especially given how she helped Eric to destroy her evil sister once and for all. Though this act of redemption cost Freya her very life, her open rejoicing at seeing Eric and Sara reunited in love before she died was a testament of sorts to her never being truly evil, and that she had finally found peace in seeing the power of love conquer all. While details of her past are unknown, Freya is the younger sister of the scheming Ravenna with whom she shared a brother, Finn. It can be assumed that she was orphaned by the same King who attacked the village where her siblings lived although she was absent in Ravenna's flashback in Snow White and the Huntsman.

In the film's retelling of the tale, Snow White grows up imprisoned by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna , a powerful sorceress. After Snow White escapes into the forest, Ravenna tells Eric, the Huntsman that she will bring back his dead wife if he captures Snow White. Although critics praised the production design, visual effects, Theron and Hemsworth's performances, musical score, and action sequences; Stewart and Claflin's performances received mixed reviews, and the screenplay was heavily criticized. Stewart did not reprise her role, but appeared in archive footage. While admiring a rose blooming in the winter, Queen Eleanor of the kingdom of Tabor pricks her finger on one of its thorns. Drops of blood fall onto the snow, and she wishes for a daughter as white as the snow, with lips as red as the blood, hair as black as a raven's wings and heart as strong as the rose. She gives birth to a daughter, Snow White , but falls ill and dies several years later.

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Queen Ravenna is the main antagonist of the fantasy action-adventure film Snow White and the Huntsman , and its sequel The Huntsman: Winter's War. Her siblings are Freya and a huntsman named Finn.

Ravenna is the cruel and tyrannical ruler of the kingdom of Tabor as well as a dangerously powerful sorceress. Because of her extreme beauty, Ravenna was regarded as being the "Fairest of Them All". However, when she learned that, since coming of age, Snow White had now surpassed her as the "fairest", Ravenna becomes determined to kill her stepdaughter and consume her heart, which would not only grant her eternal youth and evergreen beauty, but would also maintain her powers forever. After being defeated by Snow White and resurrected by Freya, Ravenna plots revenge against those who brought about her demise, with her sister's help, only to be defeated once more by Eric the Huntsman , with Freya's assistance. Ravenna was born to an unknown sorceress and lived with her mother and her siblings, Finn and Freya, in a small village. It is unclear exactly when Raven was born; she is implied to be far older than she looks due to her magical powers and her comment about having "lived many lives" suggests she could be over a hundred years old. Even as a child, Ravenna was noted to be of extraordinary physical beauty, to the extent where her mother viewed her as "the fairest of them all".




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