Stephen colbert and maurice sendak

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stephen colbert and maurice sendak

I am a Pole by Stephen Colbert

Take a look at the cover.
There is a silver Caldecott Eligible Book medallion featuring soaring eagles and Colbert riding a flying pig, a quote by Maurice Sendak, and a drawing of what appears to be a happy tapeworm. If any of this makes you smile, you should probably enjoy the rest of the book.

Open the cover and youll find a sweet story about a poles journey of self discovery. This pole is no lazy layabout; he is looking for a job, and most of the book is taken up with his attempts at various pole-related employment - the North Pole, a barber pole, a Gallup poll calling folks during the dinner hour, and of course, a stripper pole.

There are plenty of Colbertisms scattered throughout to please the true devotees, and a very Colbertific (Colbertgasmic?) ending.

Im thinking this thing was cobbled together after Sendaks appearance on the Report in January. It does have a rather slapdash appearance, but its a fun few minutes for Colbert fans.

Now, to wrap it up and give it to my son as a graduation present. I think hell like this more than Oh, the Places Youll Go!. After all, this one has a stripper.
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On E-Books and Stephen Colbert: A Few Words With Maurice Sendak

It was written by Stephen Colbert and illustrated by Paul Hildebrand. The book tells the story of a fictional pole finding his purpose in life. All proceeds from the audiobook go to the United States Veterans Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to returning troops. The book is notable for a blurb of endorsement on the cover attributed to children's writer Maurice Sendak. During a January interview of Sendak by Colbert, Colbert shared a draft of the book with Sendak, to which Sendak stated "The sad thing is, I like it! Sendak coincidentally died the morning of the book's release, and, in tribute, The Colbert Report aired uncensored previously unreleased clips of the interview, with Colbert encouraging those unfamiliar with Sendak's work to "read his books. And for those who don't read, they've got lots of pictures.

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Skip navigation! Some of us grew up with our very own Nutshell Library in our bedrooms. Sadly, Sendak passed away in But he did something rather surprising and wonderful for an year-old man at the time: held his own and gave one of the best interviews ever to Stephen Colbert. Sendak memorably told Colbert, "I don't write children's books. I write, and somebody says, 'That's for children. Our thanks to Sendak for making us happy for so many years.


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