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An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

4.5 stars

There are occasions when losing is a victory, so long as there is a fight.

This is an excellent work of historical fiction based on a real-life man of honor and duty, French Army officer Georges Picquart, and his determination to uncover the truth surrounding the arrest and conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in what is considered to be one of the greatest judicial debacles in history. While France was still stunned by the victory of the Germans in the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, hostilities, distrust and anti-Semitism were all heightened within the military and the people of the republic at the time this novel takes place, the 1890s. As a Jew, an officer within the army, and a man to be secretly envied due to his independent wealth, Captain Dreyfus was an easy target to accuse of treason when French secret intelligence discovered a traitor in their midst.

Major Georges Picquart was not immune to the feelings of bitterness and prejudices at the time of Dreyfus’s conviction. Having personally witnessed Dreyfus’s military degradation which was attended by citizens and servicemen alike, Picquart was only too glad to put his former student out of his mind once and for all. I had no desire to see the condemned man again. Only two years earlier he had been a student of mine in this very building. Now I had nothing to say to him; I felt nothing for him; I wished he had never been born and I wanted him gone – from Paris, from France, from Europe. Picquart even gets a promotion to Colonel following the degradation and conviction and is assigned to the position of commander of the Statistical Section, the secret intelligence branch of the French Army. Despite the fact that Picquart does not relish espionage, something he considers dirty work, he resigns himself to his new post and devotes himself to his new responsibilities. When Picquart unearths a spy in their midst, he will begin to meticulously probe into the details of the Dreyfus case himself. When a series of mistakes and subsequent cover-ups are revealed, Picquart is forced to choose between his reputation and career or the pursuit of justice. In this pursuit, Picquart learns that he will not have the support of the army and he too will fall under suspicion as his loyalties to the army are tested. The thing is, I have no wish to destroy my career. Twenty-four years it has taken me to get this far. Yet my career will be pointless to me – will lose the very elements of honour and pride that make it worth having…

An Officer and a Spy is an extremely riveting account of the Dreyfus affair, as it came to be known, the people involved – including those that will cover their tracks at all costs and those that will seek justice no matter the price, and the eventual reveal of the entire truth as discovered by Picquart. I was completely engaged in this book and couldn’t read fast enough once I reached the halfway mark. Not that it was dull in the first half, not by any means. We are just provided with the background of the case and the details surrounding the trial before the action, so to speak, begins. All of it was very interesting. It is appalling to think of the punishment meted out to Dreyfus following his conviction – that of solitary confinement at the penal colony on Devil’s Island. The lengths that even the highest ranking officers will follow to persecute a man and to protect their own reputations is shocking to say the least. The anti-Semitism depicted during this period seems a premonition of the evil times to come during the reign of Hitler, and it shows just how such a horrendous event as the Holocaust could eventually come to fruition. However, you will find that there are those that will stand up and do the right thing. For that we can be grateful as our faith in humanity can be restored thanks to individuals such as these. I highly recommend this book to those that relish superb historical fiction as well as those that enjoy spy thrillers and mysteries.
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An Officer and a Spy

Where it was coming from was less than clear. Allen has denied the accusations since they were first raised in Chalamet and co-star Rebecca Hall have already agreed to donate their salaries from the Allen film to charity. He is currently suing the Academy to be reinstated. The continentals, it turns out. An Officer and a Spy is set for a European release this fall. Like all projects we produce, we judge the creator by its work.

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Robert Dennis Harris born 7 March is an English novelist. He is a former journalist and BBC television reporter. Although he began his career in non-fiction, his fame rests upon his works of historical fiction. Beginning with the best-seller Fatherland , Harris focused on events surrounding the Second World War , followed by works set in ancient Rome. His most recent works centre on contemporary history. Harris was educated at Selwyn College, Cambridge , where he was president of the Union and editor of the student newspaper Varsity. Born in Nottingham , Harris spent his childhood in a small rented house on a Nottingham council estate.


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