Angelo from home and away

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angelo from home and away

Angelos Journey: A Border Collies Quest for Home by Angelo Dirks

A Border Collie is brutally kidnapped. He escapes his captor and starts the long journey home, meeting a truck driver, a long-abused wife, a Marine, a cowboy and two grandmothers. Their lives will never be the same after meeting Angelo. Sometimes, all it takes to avert a disaster is the light touch of a canine paw.

A warning to friends whove enjoyed my other books: The Marine, the cowboy, and the truckdriver in this book use some language that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Also please consider another book by the same authors, Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog, just released for the Kindle and in paperback!. Thank you!
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Tony is furious that Angelo is changing his plea to not guilty and verbally attacks him for not facing up to what he has done.
Angelo Dirks

Angelo Rosetta

By David Brown. Evie is shattered when Josh cuts off all contact with her. When Lara threatens to end her relationship with Mason, he is forced to reveal the truth about his family. The Morgan family are left in disarray when Mason admits to telling Lara they are in witness protection. Irene collapses when a dripping tap triggers a traumatic flashback. Roo decides to move back home in order to care for Alf.

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We first saw him flirt with Charlie when he was assigned to a shift with her and promptly asked him out but Charlie turned him down. Then in The Diner he flirted with Belle, asking her out on a date. With Charlie feeling abandoned by Roman, Angelo asked her out again and took her for a romantic beach picnic to show her how she should be treated but Charlie could not stop thinking of Roman so Angelo abandoned the date to give her advice. Charlie followed his instructions and she and Roman reunited, leaving Angelo to remark to Belle that he was excellent at driving girls back into the arms of their exes. When Belle was being held hostage by Aden she called the police and Angelo was the one to rescue her. He took her home where she broke down in his arms and a tentative friendship was formed. She started up a book club and Angelo was the only one to attend and he persisted with asking her out until Belle eventually relented and agreed to go out with him.

He's also the boyfriend of Nicole Franklin and stepfather to her son, George Franklin. He flirts with Charlie Buckton on an assignment and asks her out but she rejects him. When Belle is held hostage by Aden, Angelo rescues her. They form a friendship which develops into something more. The first test in the relationship is when Angelo is forced to arrest Belle when she protests at a development site but convinces Charlie to drop the charges. Belle later receives threats from the developers, which become a reality when Angelo is attacked. After Belle reunites with Aden, Angelo is incensed and loses his temper, trashing the beach house.


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