Christmas literature quiz questions and answers

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christmas literature quiz questions and answers

The Ultimate Christmas Quiz!: 20 questions by Linda Socha Jaworski

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Published 13.12.2018
Dec 25, From Silas Marner to Shakespeare to Slade – brainteasers for the festive season.

Christmas Quiz – Round 5 – Christmas Art and Literature

The 2nd free trivia quiz in our Christmas series at BusinessBalls. Suitable for team building, pub quizzes or just general entertainment. Business and Lifestyle. Other Trivia. Remember username. Log in using your account on. Christmas Quiz 2 - Questions In which country, the world's seventh largest by geographical area, is Christmas known as Bada Din the big day?

Christmas Quiz Questions Our free printable Christmas Quiz Sheets for kids provide you with 20 fun trivia and general knowledge Xmas questions all themed on Christmas traditions, characters, literature, reindeer, Santa, Carols and much more Perfect for an end of school-term quiz, a quick Holiday puzzler, or maybe for an Xmas party, our 20 Christmas quiz questions come with comprehensive and informative answers too making it easy for any budding quiz-master. There's a multiple choice version too to make it easy for younger children to participate, plus a sprinkling of 'true or false? This is the more difficult version without multiple choice answers for older children, teenagers and maybe adults. You'll also need the Answers to our Children's Christmas Quiz. You'll find the same questions as above but with multiple choice answers to help younger children. We'd never leave you without the answers!

How many questions in the seven rounds of our Christmas literary quiz can you answer? Get the family to help out, and check your answers here. Don't forget the picture round Who narrates the short story that centres on a blue carbuncle being found in the neck of a Christmas goose? Who wrote the bestseller in which Henry DeTamble time-travels his way out of a car crash that kills his mother one Christmas Eve? Whose most recent book is Let Me Be Frank with You, which comprises four stories featuring his long-running character Frank Bascombe in the run-up to Christmas?

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Britain got its first Christmas card in Why did it land its printer in hot water? For which integral part of Christmas celebrations should we thank Tom Smith, a 19th-century London sweetshop owner? Which play did Shakespeare write as a Christmas present for Elizabeth I, because she wanted to see Falstaff fall in love? It had looked rocky for a while, but what was finally dissolved over Christmas ? Which famous US musician gave a concert in Berlin on Christmas Day in to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, and what was played?


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