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always changing and growing up video

Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World by Gary Chapman

First let me say I love Gary Chapman, the co-author of this book. But this book, like all recent books on kids/teens and social media, leaves me a bit cold. Maybe its because I think my household is doing a pretty darn good job on integrating technology. But these books always make me feel - despite the fact that they deny it vociferously - like they are saying technology=bad, relationships=good. Well, yes, we all want our kids to grow up knowing how to be relational. The problem is, those of us writing the books, from the pre-technological world, seem to only look at it this one way: limit technology SO THAT our kids can be relational. The problem is, that by the time our kids grow up, their entire WORLD will be technological. So it seems to me that what we need is to teach kids how to BLEND being relational WITH being technological & screen driven - a skill we as parents dont necessarily have. I dont know that saying limit screen time is really going to work in the world they are going to live in. I mean, obviously, I certainly believe in having screen free dinnertime, etc. -- I guess I just think everyone knows that. I think we need smarter techniques to help our kids make swift and frequent transitions between screens and relationships.
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Always Changing and Growing Up - Boys Puberty Education Video

Always Changing And Growing Up Boys Guide

Our free and easy-to-follow puberty education programs are fantastic for teachers looking for new and interesting resources. To get started, simply order materials from our Web site or download the informational materials below. In each educator's kit, you'll find a Teacher's Guide as well as demonstration instructions and products. To help you effectively teach in the classroom, products are utilized for demonstration. This can include Secret and Old Spice deodorant and Always feminine products. This information will provide teachers with facts and materials to help educate students about puberty and development.

If the young adult in your life is going through puberty, you might not know exactly how to talk about it. Do you wait for him or her to ask questions? Should you start the conversation? Explore our links and recommended reading list below for inspiration. The information below will offer you useful tips and information to help guide your child through puberty.

Always Changing® and Growing Up Program (5th or 6th Grade) This video is an effective way to explain puberty to developing young boys. View Transcripts.
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Always Changing® and Growing Up—Boys

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A group of girls and boys are hanging after school talking, sketching, making beaded jewelry and cootie catchers, and practicing guitar. Some of the kids decide to play hangman, and others observe the game but continue their activities. Xavier: Yeah, me neither. My brother said he actually learned something…and, trust me, he knows everything. Male announcer VO: Yes, puberty can seem weird and a little uncomfortable. In fact, you may have lots of questions since much of this is all new to you. Or maybe you just started thinking about it—like right now.


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