Is romeo and juliet a play or a novel

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is romeo and juliet a play or a novel

Romeo And Juliet by David Hewson

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I think Romeo and Juliet is the greatest, most tragic love story ever told. What David Hewson did with this script is so exciting to me. I really love the fact that he followed avenues that Shakespeare suggested but didnt necessarily detail in depth. If you want to immerse yourself in a warm bath of Garganega and the heat of Verona and hear a brilliant story about a young woman who is challenging the restraints of her time, listen to this audiobook, which has romance, poetry, politics, and humor to spare. (Narrator Richard Armitage)

Its a story you think you know: the age-old tale of star-crossd lovers; two families at war; a romance, so pure and absolute, fated for a tragic end. Its a story so thoroughly embedded in our culture, and so frequently retold. Yet, nothing captures the spark, the possibility, and the surprise of Shakespeares work quite like this....

In Romeo and Juliet: A Novel, author David Hewson reworks and expands on the classic story so that it becomes something richer, something new and entirely its own. Much more than a simple love story, it is a brilliant examination of young versus old, hope against despair, and, for Juliet, the search for individual identity at a time when women were regarded as little more than chattel.

An original production commissioned by Audible, Romeo and Juliet: A Novel marks the second pairing of David Hewson and actor Richard Armitage, whose previous partnership resulted in Audibles 2014 Audiobook of the Year, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel. Hewsons talent for writing for audio is undeniable, and he finds his perfect vocal foil in Armitage, an actor of immense range and absorbing intensity. Together, they bring you a familiar story told in a surprising way - with an ending you might not expect.

Bonus: Audiobook includes an afterword written and narrated by David Hewson.
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Romeo And Juliet full movie 2013 HD

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are two Verona teenagers, but the noble Montague and Capulet families are locked in a bitter feud. Romeo sees Juliet from a distance and instantly falls in love with her.
David Hewson

BOOK REVIEW : Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare

It has been referred to as the greatest love story of all time, or perhaps the most tragic. Romeo and Juliet serves to satisfy both anyway, which for a play has obviously stuck around for a very long time, which points to how good a book can turn out to be centuries after its author graced our good planet. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare employs several dramatic techniques that have garnered praise from critics; most notably the abrupt shifts from comedy to tragedy. Romeo, a Montague is infatuated with Rosaline, a niece of Capulet. Romeo is banished by the prince from Verona for violating his edict but consummates his secret marriage. While Romeo is away, the Capulets unaware of the secret marriage try to marry off Juliet to Paris, a cousin to the Prince. She obtains a drug that makes her seem dead for forty-two hours.

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Why did you choose the tale of star-crossed lovers as your follow-up? David Hewson : Why Romeo and Juliet? It goes into the mechanics of tragedy, and you almost end up in horror in the crypt. But actually when I looked at it, I completely understood what you just said. I had to try to think as a dramatist, scene by scene, think of the dialogue, think of how you would portray it. I would have been furious had I not been the reader.


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    Romeo and Juliet - The Greatest Literature of All Time

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    From the SparkNotes Blog

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    Plot summary - AQA - Revision 1 - GCSE English Literature - BBC Bitesize

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    Romeo and Juliet is officially classified as a tragedy, but in some respects the play deviates from the tragic genre.

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