Human and animal relationship articles

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human and animal relationship articles

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Published 11.12.2018

10 Incredible Relationships Between Animals And Human

The study of human-animal interactions HAI , and the resulting human-animal relationships HARs and bonds HABs which are set up as a consequence, is currently a topical issue in comparative psychology. Most of these studies have been in the contexts of companion animal or agricultural animal research, but there is now a growing literature on laboratory, zoo and wild animals too.

Why do we have such a close relationship with animals?

Alan M. Our relationship with domestic animals is rooted in evolutionary, psychological, and physiological processes. Throughout human history is has been common in almost all cultures for companion animals, or pets, to share living quarters with people Savishinsky, ; Serpell, , ; Gray and Young, Even outside of human dwellings, it is common in nature for unrelated animals to share the same environment and even benefit from each other's presence; symbiotic associations, like that between the zebra and the ostrich have been appreciated since Darwin's first records. The zebra using olfaction and the ostrich using vision alert each other to impending danger.

Credit Jayanti Seiler. Credit Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery. Credit Mara Sanchez Renero. Credit Andras Bankuti. Jayanti Seiler is not shy about expressing her feelings for animals. She has explored the contradictions of the human-animal relationship, photographing them at circuses, shelters and even taxidermists. She started with birds of prey but soon expanded to include other animals.

These range from clean air to wildlife preserves; from the judicial system to the Internet.
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THE interaction between human and non-human animals fascinates everyone from anthropologists to the average pet owner. It even has a name — anthrozoology — as biologist John Bradshaw reminds us in the subtitle of his new book, The Animals Among Us. As Bradshaw points out, for humans to consistently live with and nurture animals is a most unusual trait in nature. So a strong, fact-based discussion of how and why we do this and its effects should be eye-opening, engaging and thought-provoking. Animals ticks some of those boxes, but by no means all. Bradshaw knows how to produce a well-written and accessible tome.


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    THE interaction between human and non-human animals fascinates everyone from This was also the time that breed societies and animal shows were This article appeared in print under the headline “Creature comforts”.

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