House of anubis fabian and joy kiss

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house of anubis fabian and joy kiss

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House of Anubis Jerome and Joy Kiss

Yes Nina and Fabian kiss on the lips on the last episode. They kiss in the last episode of Season 2. They also kiss in the last episode of Season 1.

Oh no, there's been an error

This takes place after Fabian and Joy kiss, Nina didn't go to the chasm, she went to the house. He just kissed her, and I was there standing heartbroken, he looked at me shocked I ran away he tried to follow me, I told Amber everything while tears were rolling down my red cheeks. I went to the library for a while and then I walked back to the house, I was tired but I decided to take a shower so I could calm down a little. While I was on the shower I felt somebody there with me in the bathroom but I shook that feeling off and closed my eyes. Victor just banned me from the kitchen or something like that, then everybody walked in and Fabian was asking the Blondie where the American was, I shrugged and went to the bathroom. While Nina was on the bath someone entered to the bathroom and she didn't notice. Minutes later a man in black was trying to drawn her in the bath, she fruitlessly tried to push him off of her and scream, Eddie was outside of the door about to enter when he heard noises.

He sticks up for her and helps Nina find the clues and puzzle pieces of the cup of ankh.
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#6 Jabian *Fabian and Joy*

Hey everyone! This isn't my first fan fiction, in fact I have one that's over a thousand pages long and about eight more that are close to three hundred pages if not over already. But… this is my first fan fiction on here, so… take it easy on please. If I get a lot of reviews I may do some more songs… let's see how this one goes first. In this short song-fic takes place at the masquerade ball. But it's a little different.


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    Amber was a competitive dancer, which not a lot of people knew.

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    "House of Anubis" House of Secrets (TV Episode ) - Plot Summary - IMDb

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