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marco russo and alberto ferrari

Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival at a New England Prep School by Abigail Jones

An honest, intimate look at the lives of todays teens—told through the true experiences of friends at a New England prep school

Established in 1798, Milton Academy has a proud history of achievement. It has educated artists and CEOs; it has produced a long line of distinguished scholars and dignitaries; and it has shepherded students through the world of high-pressure academics for generations. Since its founding, the public face of Milton had always been one of integrity and pride . . . until a sex scandal rocked the campus and made headlines in the spring of 2005. The offense? Teenagers doing no more than what others had done before them—except this time they got caught.

Restless Virgins is the riveting real-life story of a group of seniors who were there as the incident (as it came to be called) unfolded: Whitney, the athletic and sensual beauty every girl wants to be; Annie, who craves acceptance but is torn between the desire for peer approval and musical success; Jillian, the smart one who is sick of high school drama and desperate to go to college; and Reed, a hockey god who has it all but whose charisma masks a secret insecurity.

From friends with benefits to STDs, todays teens face a wider array of social and sexual opportunities—and pressures—than ever before. Through its eye-opening yet sensitive depiction of a group of normal kids with normal struggles, Restless Virgins offers an important look at contemporary adolescence no teen, parent, or educator can afford to miss. And it is written by two recent Milton graduates who know this world—and these students—like no others.
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Power BI visualization best practices by Marco Russo.

Analysis Services – Architectural Review, Custom Training and Mentoring. Our team. Marco Russo. Consultant & Mentor. Alberto Ferrari. Consultant & Mentor.
Abigail Jones

We teach DAX and Analysis Services all around the world

A pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. In Microsoft Excel, you use patterns every day to build tables, charts, reports, dashboards, and more. Create your Excel data model faster by using a DAX pattern! Are you looking for a way to calculate inventory stock based on the history of inventory movement? No problem, use our Cumulative Total pattern!

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They are also well known for evangelizing best practices using the DAX calculation and query language. We spoke about some of the challenges and learnings they have gained from years of large-scale project implementations. Compared with older multidimensional model projects, the single file approach simplifies much of the development effort but it can be challenging to coordinate projects with multiple developers. They shared tool recommendations to assist with project integration, version management and development. Marco and Alberto recommend a number of community supported add-ins and other freely available software to enhance Visual Studio and Power BI Desktop. During the interview we talked about several different tools that they adamantly endorse for any SSAS developer to have at their disposal.

Marco is a business intelligence consultant and mentor. They also regularly write articles and white papers that are available on sqlbi. Marco also teaches public classes worldwide. We touch on the basics of data modeling, and dive deeper into concepts that enrich your data modeling expertise. Visit the Microsoft Business Applications Summit registration website and sign in to your registration record to select your Pre-Day Workshop! Ever struggled with a formula in DAX that does not compute what you want? Filter context, row context, and context transition, are only the starting point of a deep dive into how DAX computes the evaluation context for a formula.


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