High priestess and knight of swords

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high priestess and knight of swords

Cards of Love: The High Priestess by Olivia Ryann

This dark and twisted tale of ownership will make your blood run hot. Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.

Damen Aetos. Mob boss. Madman.
And soon to be my husband.
He doesn’t care that I’m a virgin.
Doesn’t care about my beauty.
Nothing matters to him but my last name.
By marrying me, the Madman ensures that a centuries-old bargain will be met.
The fact that he gets me -- gets to do anything to me that he wants -- is just icing on the cake for him.
But I have secrets too, lurking beneath my pretty surface.
Secrets, lies, and a power greater than either of us can imagine.
The question is, when The High Priestess comes calling, how will he respond?
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Is The High Priestess In The Two Of Swords?

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Olivia Ryann

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This might be an odd question, but what aspect of the Knight of Swords does the High Priestess clarify? I see the Knight of Swords as someone who speaks his mind, blunt as can be and quite forceful, too. If the High Priestess is clarifying him She shows that he has the potential to show very deep knowledge and to be very logical when discussing a subject, an expert in his field of study. Well, I see him a little different, on top of what was already mentioned I see him as sudden departures, someone who gets an idea in his head and just takes off in hot persuit i can't spell: and the High Priestess is very secretive, she doesn't give up any information, she keeps it all to herself My guess is whatever that knight is up to is a secret, I've gotten this combo a few times at work when employees just up and quit with no notice, they just don't show up and don't call, planned on their part, but kept secret from us, but the High Priestess goes both ways, being she's a 2, I do readings so I'm warned ahead of time, then I'm the High Priestess because I know the secret and I'm not saying:laugh:So plan B is already in action before it happens.

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Knights are always on the move in the Tarot, and each according to their suit has their own personal style. This Knight is the most ambitious of the Knights and the one most likely to shoot first and ask questions later, or in this case, from the blood we see drying on the blade of his sword Morgan-Greer deck , probably beheaded them all — one of them must be the right guy? This Knight watches a tower burn in the distance with a slight smile on his or her face. Good job, right? Collateral damage?


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    This might be an odd question, but what aspect of the Knight of Swords does the High Priestess clarify? I see the Knight of Swords as someone.

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    High Priestess tarot card and Astrology

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    Symbolism in High Priestess tarot card

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