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mike brownlow and simon rickerty

Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness by Shiva Rose

A decade ago, after suffering from life-threatening autoimmune disorders, Hollywood actress Shiva Rose set out to discover a more holistic way to natural health and beauty. Growing her own organic herbs and flowers; mixing creams, lotions, and tonics; and following Ayurvedic practices and creating mindful rituals, she has not only healed her life but has also become a leader and entrepreneur in the world of all-natural beauty and lifestyle.

Whole Beauty is her radiant next step, a practical, inspiring, stunningly beautiful guide to following a whole beauty practice at home. Here is the recipe for Rose’s iconic rose hip facial serum, as well as 40 other recipes for masks and exfoliants, hair-care products and detoxes, and even DIY deodorant and toothpaste. She explains Ayurvedic practices, such as dry brushing and oil pulling, and home-cleansing rituals, such as smudging with burning sage; shares a dozen tonics, including Celestial Nog and Summer Lover; and offers an entire chapter on the use of essential oils, both on the body and in the home. From natural beauty solutions like a Blushing Bride Chickpea Face Mask to showing how to tap into the full force of female energy, Whole Beauty is a complete guide to revitalizing your life.
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T reads Ten Little Princesses by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty!

Simon Rickerty & Mike Brownlow: Ten Little Bookworms – Saturday 2nd March 2019

This is a wonderful addition to the 'Ten Little The bright, bold illustrations are captivating, and the story is brilliant-it helps children learning their numbers, yes, but most importantly Absolutely fab. A great book for both boys and girls because girls can be superheroes too! Written in rhyme it is a counting book, it has masses to see, packed full of colour.

Share on:. Ten little princesses are going to a ball, but not all of them may get there. There are lots of distractions between the castle and the dance floor. Some of them are less than pleasant, like the scary monsters or the poison apple, not to mention the huffing, puffing big bad wolf can see a familiar theme emerging? Others are much more enticing, like a frog just begging to be kissed or a charming prince on a skateboard, no less. The thing is, with every thing that happens, we lose a princess in this reverse counting book.

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Share on:. When I was a child it was ten green bottles standing on the wall. Now they invite us to explore the prehistoric world of Ten Little Dinosaurs. Ten little dinosaurs set off to explore a world where Diplodocus stomp, hungry plants slurp and mountains go boom. If you've read the other books in the series, you'll know the format as one by one the dinosaurs disappear and we count down until there's just one little dinosaur facing the large 'scary creature stomping through the gloom. With its sing-song predictable rhyme and rhythm the text is great fun to read and children will soon be able learn it by heart and join in. The adventures are exciting and original.


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    Simon Rickerty & Mike Brownlow: Ten Little Bookworms – Saturday 2nd March – Storysmith

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    From the team that brought you the mega-selling Ten Little Pirates and Ten Little Princesses comes a variation on a theme with a distinctly prehistoric setting.

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