Giovanni gentile origins and doctrine of fascism

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giovanni gentile origins and doctrine of fascism

Origins and Doctrine of Fascism: With Selections from Other Works by Giovanni Gentile

Giovanni Gentile (1875-1944) was the major theorist of Italian fascism, supplying its justifi cation and rationale as a developmental form of dictatorship for status-deprived nations languishing on the margins of the Great Powers. Gentiles actualism (as his philosophy came to be called) absorbed many intellectual currents of the early twentieth century, including nationalism, syndicalism, and futurism. He called the individual to an idealistic ethic of obedience, work, self-sacrifi ce, and national community in a dynamic rebellion against the perceived impostures of imperialism. This volume makes available some of his more signifi cant writings produced shortly before and after the Fascist accession to power in Italy.
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Origins And Doctrine Of Fascism

Origins and Doctrine of Fascism, with selections from other works by Giovanni Gentile translated, edited and annotated by A. Lincoln Allison - Emeritus Reader in Politics at the University of Warwick - re-reads one of the founding tracts of Fascism, Giovanni Gentile's Origins and Doctrine of Fascism , and wonders what licenses the utter nonsense of throwing the epithet "fascist" at a libertarian hedonist like himself. I've often been called a Fascist. I would modestly offer some perfectly sensible opinion on the university campuses of the s and s and girls would coo, "Ooh, you're such a Fascist". Actually, La Dottrina is nominally by Mussolini. Not that anybody ever pointed this out since even educated people in England know absolutely nothing about Fascism as opposed to Nazism.

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The self-styled "philosopher of Fascism", he was influential in providing an intellectual foundation for Italian Fascism , and ghostwrote part of The Doctrine of Fascism with Benito Mussolini. He was involved in the resurgence of Hegelian idealism in Italian philosophy and also devised his own system of thought, which he called " actual idealism " or "actualism", and which has been described as "the subjective extreme of the idealist tradition". Giovanni Gentile was born in Castelvetrano , Sicily. He was inspired by Italian intellectuals such as Mazzini , Rosmini , Gioberti , and Spaventa from whom he borrowed the idea of autoctisi , "self-construction", but also was strongly influenced by the German idealist and materialist schools of thought namely Karl Marx , Hegel , and Fichte , with whom he shared the ideal of creating a Wissenschaftslehre , a theory for a structure of knowledge that makes no assumptions. Pesce insists that 'there is in fact no doubt that Gentile was a Catholic', but he occasionally identified himself as an atheist, albeit one who was still culturally a Catholic.

The myth that fascism and Nazism are phenomena of the right relies heavily on Americans not knowing what fascism and Nazism really mean, what those ideologies stand for. Think about this: We know the name of the philosopher of capitalism, Adam Smith. We also know the name of the philosopher of Marxism, Karl Marx. So, quick: What is the name of the philosopher of fascism? Yes, exactly. Virtually no one knows.


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