Difference between old and new generation

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difference between old and new generation

What Every Parent Should Know About School by Michael Reist

School is our childrens second home. They will spend more time there than anywhere else in their formative years. We all need to talk honestly about the nature of this environment, how it works, and how it doesnt work. Our kids are depending on us to create a school system where they can learn as well as feel happy. The more we know about how school works, the better we will be able to navigate our way through the system and help our children do the same. What Every Parent Should Know About School is an honest, positive, thought-provoking look at what schools are today and what they could be in the future.
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Published 09.12.2018

Difference Between Present & Our Generation - How Much Today’s Childhood Differs From Ours

Open commentary on everything impacting the U.
Michael Reist

New generation vs old generation.

Contrasting young and old today is an age comparison, not a generational or cohort comparison. Generations are about trajectories of belief and action that began at particular starting points. Generations may wind up in the same place, but they got there in different ways. Many things determine where a generation is headed next, some of which will affect all generations in the same ways, but no small part of the future direction of a generation is the way in which it got to where it is today. Quibbles about generations and generational analysis are useful cautions against over-generalization, particularly in an era of marketing technologies that promise to unlock the potential for true one-on-one customization. Generations are misunderstood. As a consequence, generational analysis is disdained.

7 Big Problems in the Marketing Industry

If we take a look at the younger generation and the older generation you can see that there are many differences, or what is commonly called the generation gap. -






  1. Ulrike W. says:

    The Difference Between Age and Generation Comparisons

  2. Misael L. says:

    What is “Generational Thinking”?

  3. Agathe L. says:

    Dear Sir Your Topic Answers: Comparing to this Present generation and Older generation i.e., 1. Ethics and Values: Present generation doesn't.

  4. Prewitt P. says:

    They way we consolidate things is different from how our old generation used to sort out and live in the society.

  5. Jessica V. says:

    Can you imagine that your grandchildren would address you in formal terms?

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