Within the confines of law and ethics

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within the confines of law and ethics

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Published 09.12.2018

EMT 1-3: Medical Legal and Ethics

Ethical behaviour is not always best defined within the confines of the law.

Bartha Knoppers – Complex ethical and legal questions on data use are increasingly pertinent.

When Darwins theories of evolution were substantiated by Mendel and Correns society found itself having to rapidly adapt to bioethical questions posed by these advances. Should we be tampering with nature? Can we choose the type of community we have? Earthquake moments kept coming; the discovery of chromosomes, genetic modification and recent advances in information technology, data storage and analysis. We are forced to ask questions on data privacy, security and sharing against a background of ever expanding data availability. Informatics and analytical technologies allow us to explore the link between our genes and disease on an industrial scale. Vast fields of data can now be produced, integrated and analysed, an irresistible potential for discovery.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. To build trust with those we serve, LiveRamp is committed to ensuring personal data use is ethical and appropriate not only within the confines of the law, but with foresight that goes beyond compliance with legal or regulatory guidelines. A culture of accountability is essential to succeed in a data-driven world, made more complicated by increasingly advanced uses of data, and is the only path to driving business value long-term. Our world-class data ethics program ensures we operate in compliance with jurisdictional laws, co-regulation developed by industry self-regulatory groups, and our own rigorous standards for ethical practices. Through the application of data ethics, we are committed to diligently working to detect and prevent uses which are neither just or fair, and ensure that permitted uses of data create value for all stakeholders.

By Dr Eva Tsahuridu.
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David Clough - "The Challenge of Christian Animal Ethics"

The Turner case drew national attention in when the former swimmer from Stanford University was convicted of sexually assaulting an unnamed girl near a dumpster. I get it. No evidence was uncovered—or even alleged — that Persky had had some personal relationship with Brock Turner, his lawyer, or the case. No one accused him of failing to follow the law, or any kind of judicial impropriety. We rely on statutory sentencing guidelines, and defendant-specific pre-sentencing reports, because those things matter. Aggravating and mitigating factors cannot and should not be ignored. To do so is to create a criminal justice system that lacks fundamental fairness.

Overview As part of our services to campus, we coordinate concerns raised by individuals who believe a member of our UT Austin community has violated a law, regulation, policy, or acted in an unethical manner. If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please dial All members of our UT community can help to make sure the University conducts its business with honesty and integrity. To help, you should report all instances of possible violations of law, regulations and University policy. University Compliance Services provides several ways for you to report these violations without fear of retaliation. Examples of reportable violations include illegal or fraudulent activity, financial misstatements or irregularities, conflicts of interest, unethical conduct, and violations of laws, rules or regulations. If you have questions as to whether an action is reportable or not, please contact us.


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    Legal vs. Ethical

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    C. Kantian Ethics D. Deontology Answer Key: B Question 6 of 18 / Points “Within the confines of law and ethics” is an important qualifier in which ethical.

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