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web du bois and james weldon johnson beliefs
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W.E.B. Dubois explains the meaning of "The Negro Problem"

James Weldon Johnson

During the early Harlem Renaissance, African-American artists and writers seeking to publish their works turned to periodicals created, edited, and produced by other African Americans. The sheer variety in the content and tone of these many publications revealed the diverse and sometimes opposing social and political attitudes among prominent African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance. When artists and writers did not find the appropriate periodical to publish their work among the many existing publications, they would often take matters into their own hands and create new periodicals to reflect their particular views. Du Bois at the helm as editor. Through The Crisis , Du Bois was able to provide a way for the so-called "talented tenth" of the African-American population to evidence their abilities and creativity. Booker T. Washington's influence loomed large over New York Age, a weekly newspaper edited by James Weldon Johnson that promoted racial pride and self-improvement.

Scopes was found guilty and fined $ W.E.B. Du Bois and James Weldon Johnson. Organization: NAACP Beliefs, goals, and tactics: urged African Americans.
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Who Was W.E.B. Du Bois?

Garvey's philosophy and organization had a rich religious component that he blended with the political and economic aspects. Considering the strong political and economic black nationalism of Garvey's movement, it may seem odd to include an essay on him in a Web site on religion in America. However, his philosophy and organization had a rich religious component that he blended with the political and economic aspects. His organization took as its motto "One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

The Harlem Renaissance was an artistic movement that began as a way to fight against racial injustice in the United States. Yet, it is remembered most for the fiery poetry of Claude McKay and Langston Hughes as well as the vernacular found in the fiction of Zora Neale Hurston. These artists found support in leaders such as W. Read more to find out how these men and women provided support to artists of the Harlem Renaissance. Throughout his career as a sociologist, historian, educator, and sociopolitical activist, William Edward Burghardt W. Du Bois argued for immediate racial equality for African-Americans. During the Harlem Renaissance, Du Bois argued that racial equality could be gained through the arts.

This interest in black heritage coincided with efforts to define an American culture distinct from that of Europe, one that would be characterized by ethnic pluralism as well as a democratic ethos. Du Bois had advocated something like this position in his The Souls of Black Folk , a defining text of the New Negro movement because of its profound effect on an entire generation that formed the core of the Harlem Renaissance. As various forms of cultural-pluralist thought took hold, a fertile environment for the blossoming of African American arts developed. They, more than any other group, had been forced to remake themselves in the New World, Du Bois and Johnson argued, while whites continued to look to Europe or sacrificed artistic values to commercial ones. This judgment began unexpectedly to spread as African American music, especially the blues and jazz , became a worldwide sensation.


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