Still point mind and body

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still point mind and body

The Still Point by Amy Sackville

At the turn of the twentieth century, Arctic explorer Edward Mackley sets out to reach the North Pole and vanishes into the icy landscape without a trace. He leaves behind a young wife, Emily, who awaits his return for decades, her dreams and devotion gradually freezing into rigid widowhood. A hundred years later, on a sweltering mid-summers day, Edwards great-grand-niece Julia moves through the old family house, attempting to impose some order on the clutter of inherited belongings and memories from that ill-fated expedition, and taking care to ignore the deepening cracks within her own marriage. But as afternoon turns into evening, Julia makes a discovery that splinters her long-held image of Edward and Emilys romance, and her husband Simon faces a precipitous choice that will decide the future of their relationship. Sharply observed and deeply engaging, The Still Point is a powerful literary debut, and a moving meditation on the distances - geographical and emotional - that can exist between two people.
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Infinite Peace: A Meditator's Guide to Mind and Consciousness

A stillpoint is a place where your mind and body are at a point of perfect alignment. It matters not what sports you play.
Amy Sackville

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Specific effort to counter and manage stress daily can help us reach a place of absolute calm where the mind is truly quiet. Further discussion and evaluation in use of stillpoint to reset or downregulate muscle relaxation and massage is important. Stress relief practices such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga counter the harmful effects of stress. Another method, the stillpoint technique, can help us reach a place of absolute calm where thoughts are stilled and the mind is truly quiet, which is supported by deep and measured breathing to oxygenate and. The term stillpoint has its roots in osteopathy and craniosacral therapy CST. The latter is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on therapy. CST theory and practice is based on the concept of the continuous subtle movements of the cranial bones, which are understood to be in constant motion in response to rhythmical cerebrospinal fluid fluctuations within the spinal cord and brain environment.

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Within a few seconds of my first Esalen Massage, I felt relaxed. Little did I know, however, just how relaxed I would feel when the 75 minutes were over. Then I can really focus in: What needs a little more attention? They met and fell in love in at the Institute before moving to Asheville in Founded in by Michael Murphy and Dick Price, the Institute was run as a school of experiential learning—an epicenter of the counterculture movement—to which they invited people to come teach.

With the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of the world never more apparent than it is today, many of us are experiencing stress on an unprecedented scale. We feel it financially, in our jobs, in our families and in our health—mental, physical and emotional. In such a climate, the decision to explore ways of coping more skillfully with stress and dis-ease is not only pro-active but also wise.
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This inner experience comes from a deeper understanding of our natural capacity for optimal living. It is the seed of potential, the unending possibilities of what living life means in relation to the uniqueness of each individual. There is something so sacred about being able to step away from outer distractions and step back into our deeper knowing that possesses all the "tools" we need in order to support optimal health and balance in our lives. In this, we can see the Earth as a whole is connected, making the world smaller and yet fascinating. Similarly, within the body the vast connections of all the cells, organs and systems that tie together create an individual.

The following instructions on meditation can be instrumental in starting a daily practice. The sitting meditation uses the breath as the object of meditation and is a way to help focus the mind. This is a building block for beginners. The body scan helps to bring a greater awareness of sensations and may be helpful in working with physical discomfort. The Lovingkindness practice is valuable in cultivating that natural quality of the heart for ourselves and then extending it to others.

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