Theodore roosevelt and william mckinley

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theodore roosevelt and william mckinley

William McKinley (The American Presidents, #25) by Kevin Phillips

A bestselling historian and political commentator reconsiders McKinleys overshadowed legacy

By any serious measurement, bestselling historian Kevin Phillips argues, William McKinley was a major American president. It was during his administration that the United States made its diplomatic and military debut as a world power. McKinley was one of eight presidents who, either in the White House or on the battlefield, stood as principals in successful wars, and he was among the six or seven to take office in what became recognized as a major realignment of the U.S. party system.

Phillips, author of Wealth and Democracy and The Cousins War, has long been fascinated with McKinley in the context of how the GOP began each of its cycles of power. He argues that McKinleys lackluster ratings have been sustained not by unjust biographers but by years of criticism about his personality, indirect methodologies, middle-class demeanor, and tactical inability to inspire the American public. In this powerful and persuasive biography, Phillips musters convincing evidence that McKinleys desire to heal, renew prosperity, and reunite the country qualify him for promotion into the ranks of the best chief executives.
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President McKinley Assassinated

McKinley and Roosevelt

His vice president, Theodore Roosevelt, was sworn in to replace him. Roosevelt was forty-two years old -- the youngest man ever to hold the office of president of the United States. It was a time of rapid changes in American society. The changes were a result of technology. Great progress had been made, for example, in transportation. Almost every American city had a street railroad, or trolley. These systems were powered by electricity.

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Presidents McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt

The gold standard assigned value to bank notes based on the corresponding price of gold, while imperialism promoted greater U. In a war that started in and ended in , Japan defeated China, and for the next several years China was in disarray. Many U. Britain, Germany, France, and Japan agreed to the policy, assuming that all of the other key countries would commit. By , a group of Chinese patriots known as Boxers, rebelled against what they viewed as European exploitation. The Boxer group was disorganized and easily suppressed by the superior allied forces. America realized that this reparation was excessive and would only punish and further repress the Chinese.

Though he initially seemed to be healing well, President McKinley eventually died eight days later at am from gangrene. That same day at pm, Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated for his first term as the twenty-sixth president of the United States. But before the inauguration took place, the vice-president went through various phases of hope and fear. The comprehensive collection of Theodore Roosevelt's correspondence available at the RSC, reveals Roosevelt's feelings and reaction to the news of the attack on McKinley. In a letter to his sister Anna , sent from Buffalo on 7 September, he confirms that "[t]he President is coming along splendidly. After being told that McKinley was practically out of danger, Roosevelt left Buffalo to join his family in the Adirondack mountain range in the state of New York. He was climbing Mount Tahawus when a guide brought him the news that the president's condition had deteriorated and that he had to come to Buffalo as soon as possible.

McKinley had led America out of a recession, won a war and re-election, and he was about six months into his second term as President. And for 13 hours, as Roosevelt made his back to Buffalo using a horse-drawn wagon and then train travel, the office of President technically remained vacant. Until the ratification of the 25th Amendment in , presidential succession due to death or disability was handled under a precedent set by Vice President John Tyler in In the ensuing years, three other Vice Presidents became President under similar circumstances. It was there that the Vice President was told of the shooting on September 6. He left by rowboat, yacht, and train to get to Buffalo, where he stayed with an old friend, Ansley Wilcox.


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