17th and 18th century english literature

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17th and 18th century english literature

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Published 08.12.2018

17th Century British Literature

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Jonathan Swift

British literature

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The expiry of the Licensing Act in halted state censorship of the press. During the next 20 years there were to be 10 general elections. These two factors combined to produce an enormous growth in the publication of political literature. Senior politicians, especially Robert Harley , saw the potential importance of the pamphleteer in wooing the support of a wavering electorate, and numberless hack writers produced copy for the presses. Richer talents also played their part.

Publication of political literature

This article covers British literature in the English language. Anglo-Saxon Old English literature is included, and there is some discussion of Latin and Anglo-Norman literature, where literature in these languages relate to the early development of the English language and literature. There is also some brief discussion of major figures who wrote in Scots , but the main discussion is in the various Scottish literature articles. The article Literature in the other languages of Britain focuses on the literatures written in the other languages that are, and have been, used in Britain. Irish writers have played an important part in the development of literature in England and Scotland , but though the whole of Ireland was politically part of the United Kingdom between January and December , it can be controversial to describe Irish literature as British. For some this includes works by authors from Northern Ireland. The nature of British identity has changed over time.

The King openly proclaimed his love of parliaments, his devotion to the immemorial constitution of balance and moderation, his Protestant fervor, and his pious hopes for a national church. The Restoration refers to the restoration of the monarchy when Charles II was restored to the throne of England following an eleven-year Commonwealth period during which the country was governed by Parliament under the direction of the Puritan General Oliver Cromwell. This political event coincides with and to some extent is responsible for changes in the literary, scientific, and cultural life of Britain. During this time, a premium was placed on the importance of human reason and on an empirical philosophy that held that knowledge about the world was through the senses and by applying reason to what we take in through our senses. Reason was an unchanging, uniquely human characteristic that served as a guide for man.



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