Saxon phonics and spelling k by lorna simmons

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saxon phonics and spelling k by lorna simmons

Books by Lorna Simmons (Author of Phonics K)

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Saxon Phonics 2 Lesson 46: Spelling with ke and ve

I have used Saxon for the last 4 years in my Pre-K class with great success! When my granddaughter was showing signs of failing Kindergarten, I sent my.
Lorna Simmons


Lorna Simmons, author of Saxon's Phonics program for the early grades, has created this remedial phonics program for students grade 4 through adult. It follows a very systematic, incremental approach to teach reading, spelling, and vocabulary. It teaches students "coding"—marking letters and groups of letters with both common and specialized marks e. The program is designed to be taught from the extensive teacher's manual. Lessons are scripted and include detailed instructions and tools for using all components of the program. Student workbooks are essential, but they are not self-contained and do not provide instruction. The Classroom Materials component of this course includes an audio cassette for pronunication, a set of classroom master forms for assessment and record keeping , plus six sets of laminated cards: letter cards letters and letter clusters , picture cards key words , spelling cards teach regular patterns , sight word cards, and affix cards prefixes and suffixes.

On a daily basis, children observe, question, discuss and participate. They learn about manners and working with others, and they become attuned to classroom routines and expectations. The program builds a strong foundation for early literacy skills with activities that build phonemic awareness and introduce children to the relationship between letters and sounds.
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Instead, it was written specifically for older, struggling students who have difficulty reading and spelling. This supplemental program is designed to ensure that no student is left behind. The program begins with a quick review of consonants and then moves to vowels, decoding, spelling, and reading comprehension. Students are taught explicit, predictable strategies for decoding and spelling words. Worksheets, speed drills, and vocabulary tests provide continual reinforcement of concepts learned as well as a daily opportunity to read connected text.

All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to teachers to reprint or photo-copy in classroom quantities the sheets in this packet thatcarry a Saxon Publishers copyright notice. These pages aredesigned to be reproduced by teachers for use in theirclasses with accompanying Saxon Publishers material, pro-vided each copy made shows the copyright notice. Such cop-ies may not be sold and further distribution is expresslyprohibited. Except as authorized above, no part of this publi-cation may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechan-ical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the priorwritten permission of the publisher.


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