Wire and beads jewelry making

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wire and beads jewelry making

Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry: Over 35 Beautiful Projects Using Wire and Beads by Linda Jones

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Published 08.12.2018

How to Wire Wrap a Bead on to a link chain - Jewelry Making Tutorials

Wire-Wrapping With Beads: How to Make a Wire-Wrapped Chain Link

Are you curious about wire-wrapping with beads? Make your wirework designs stand out with unique accents, fix old pieces or create new ones. This will undoubtedly be a skill you want to have in your jewelry making arsenal! Curious about these or any other basic jewelry making tools? See my post on what you need to make jewelry. When beginning beading with wire , I like to make a guess as to how much wire I think it will take to make one link, and then cut two pieces that size.

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a wire-wrapped bracelet? Keeping the wire in the round nose pliers, bend your entire hand one-quarter turn toward you, creating a degree bend in the wire. Use your finger to push wire over the top of the round nose pliers to create a loop. Notice the placement of the loop that was created above. I have moved the loop from the top rung of the pliers to the bottom rung. I feel this simple action helps to create a nice round wrapped loop.

Wire jewelry is about putting different components together in a beautiful way. You can make a simple but elegant necklace, bracelet, or anklet just by putting some beads on some wire and attaching them to some chain. Pliers are necessary for working with wire.
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Wire-wrapped beads tutorial

I may be biased, but I think jewelry-making is the world's best hobby. Not only is it creative and fun, but you can actually wear the things you make. You can't say that about woodworking, painting or baking.

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