Charles floyd lewis and clark expedition

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charles floyd lewis and clark expedition

Charles Floyd (Illustrations of Signs of the Times)

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On July 30, they camped in modern-day Washington County, Neb. On Aug.
Charles Floyd

Charles Floyd, Much Lamented

Army , and quartermaster in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He was one of the first men to join the expedition, and the only member of the Corps of Discovery to die on the expedition. On July 31, Floyd wrote in his diary, "I am very sick and have been for sometime but have recovered my health again. William Clark described Floyd's death as one "with a great deal of composure" and that before Floyd died he said to Clark, "I am going away. Please write me a letter.

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Writing in his diary on July 31st, Floyd noted, "I am verry sick and has ben for Sometime but have Recovered my helth again. The night before his death, Clark remarked, "Serjeant Floyd is taken verry bad all at once with a Biliose Chorlick we attempt to relieve him without success as yet, hr gets worst and we are much allarmed at his Situation, all attention to him. He died from an illness that even the best doctors of the day could not have cured. Floyd died with a great deal of composure. Before his death he said to me, "I am going away. I want you to write me a letter.

Jump to navigation. The American artist George Catlin painted Floyd's Bluff in , with the original cedar marker still in place. The following year Prince Maximilian von Wied, the Prussian explorer and man of science, noticed that someone had erected a new cedar post after prairie fire damaged it. F loyd's grave became a conspicuous point and a historic shrine on the Lewis and Clark trail almost immediately after the expedition was over. To begin with, the steadily increasing movement of trappers and traders up the Missoula would have quickly spread the word that only one member of the party had died, and that his grave was on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River about miles from its mouth. Many of the early travelers were in small parties bound for the new territory's beaver fields, and the "jawbone journals," as the late historian Jim Large called the spontaneous, one-on-one oral medium, worked faster and spread the word more widely than one might think. In May of , only 8 months after the expedition disembarked at St.

Young Charles would have grown up in this frontier setting, familiar with a gun and the surrounding wilderness. The family moved across the Ohio River into present day Indiana in and two years later Charles was named the first constable of Clarksville Township. The fact that the young man, about 19 or 20, was named keeper of the peace in a new and untamed township says much about his abilities, strengths and personality. William Clark would have been familiar with Charles, since the Clark and Floyd families were well acquainted which possibly explains why the young man was appointed as one of the sergeants of the Corps. While most believe it was Robert, others feel he was the son of another Charles Floyd. The confusion is understandable, since the elder Charles Floyd also had a son named Charles who actually was the first cousin of Sergeant Floyd. It originally would have been given to Robert, and was later passed down to Mary Lee Walton, the youngest daughter of Robert and sister of Charles, who sold the land in


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