The jesus and mary chain psychocandy lyrics

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the jesus and mary chain psychocandy lyrics

The Jesus and Mary Chains Psychocandy by Paula Mejia

The Jesus and Mary Chains swooning debut Psychocandy seared through the underground and through the pop charts, shifting the role of noise within pop music forever. Post-punk and pro-confusion, Psychocandy became the sound of a generation poised on the brink of revolution, establishing Creation Records as a tastemaking entity in the process. The Scottish bands notorious live performances were both punishingly loud and riot-spurring, inevitably acting as socio-political commentary on tensions emergent in mid-1980s Britain. Through caustic clangs and feedback channeling the rage of the working-class whod had enough, Psychocandy gestures toward the perverse pleasure in having your eardrums exploded and loudness as a politics within itself.

Yet Psychocandys blackened candy heart center – calling out to phantoms Candy and Honey with an unsettling charm – makes it a pop album to the core, and not unlike the sugarcoated sounds the Ronettes became famous for in the 1960s. The Jesus and Mary Chain expertly carved out a place where depravity and sweetness entwined, emerging from the isolating underground of suburban Scotland grasping the distinct sound of a generation, apathetic and uncertain. The irresistible Psychocandy emerged as a clairvoyant account of struggle and sweetness that still causes us to grapple with pop musics relation to ourselves.
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The Jesus And Mary Chain - Never Understand (Official Music Video)

Psychocandy Lyrics: The wind is screaming around the trees for my Psychocandy / The world is spreading a strange disease for my / Psychocandy / Candy is the.
Paula Mejia

Never Understand Lyrics

Wielding an instrument onstage has the potential to elevate an ordinary person to the level of a deity. Talent helps, but is not essential ahem, Sid Vicious. But what does it mean for a self-proclaimed sexy band—named the Jesus and Mary Chain, no less—to infiltrate the sacred canon of pop music with their arms crossed and black shades on, avoiding the spotlight altogether? They had taken a page from one of their favorites, the Sex Pistols, a name that had been chosen by their cunning manager Malcolm McLaren. Sex was not a word that you said! The name Jesus and Mary Chain had been chosen by William and was intended to be puzzling.

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Then we found the Mary Chain. It may not be unusual these days to hear bands borrow from the Ronettes at the same time as from the Velvet Underground and Hank Williams, but in it was as radical as it was unprecedented. On Just Like Honey, the Mary Chain managed to combine these influences, as well as a splash of psychedelic sunshine pop, on a song written under overcast Glaswegian skies that are also somehow reflected in the music. The simplicity of the sound was also reflected in the aesthetic — with their fuzzy hair and black threads, they gave off an air of cultured menace, like characters in a Jean-Luc Godard film. William Reid had intended to make Just Like Honey much faster, but his brother talked him into slowing it down.

Psychocandy is The Jesus and Mary Chain's debut album. The album was originally Psychocandy Tracklist. 1. Just Like Honey Lyrics. K.
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The Jesus and Mary Chain recorded 'Psychocandy' in reaction to the 'fucking awful' pop music of the mid-Eighties. Rolling Stone caught up with Jim, whose humor is eternally droll, so he could explain how the group turned the U. Why is now the right time to revisit Psychocandy? How did it feel to revisit the album in Europe last year? What are your most vivid memories of making the record? I remember we had quite a professional attitude towards the recording process.

It was released in November on Blanco y Negro Records. The album is considered a landmark recording: its combination of guitar feedback with traditional pop song structures proved influential on the forthcoming shoegazing genre and alternative rock in general. The band moved from its abrasive sound with the release of their second album, 's Darklands. Psychocandy contains fourteen tracks with a total running time of thirty-nine minutes. The music has been described as "bubblegum pop drowned in feedback", [8] that fused "melody with obnoxious bursts of white noise.


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