All things in moderation and moderation in all things

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all things in moderation and moderation in all things

Quote by Aristotle: “Moderation in all things”

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moderation in all things proverbial saying, mid 19th century; a more recent formulation of the idea contained in there is measure in all things. Source for.

“Moderation in all things”

The essential thought is found in the work of the Greek poet Hesiod c. So basically we have an idea popularized by pagans and used loosely by Christians. Now, the closest thing we have in scripture to this idea is 1 Corinthians And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown 1 Corinthians So moderation and temperance appear to mean pretty close to the same thing in that they convey the idea of self-restraint, but moderation tends to imply the idea of a middle ground or mean. Language changes over time and when it does, our ideas of things also change.

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Red wine, dark chocolate, and coffee are often said to be beneficial to health—but always in small quantities. Moderation in all things. Do not do anything too much or too little. Felicia always ate sparingly. Jane: I think you watch too much TV.

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Yes, in fact. Emerging research including mine, self-congratulatory back pat is increasingly showing both the evolutionary and physiological bases for this principle, at least in regards to diet and exercise. Most of us have a model in our heads that looks something like this:. In fact, even this quantitative model is a bit more than our brains like. This model provides us with simple general rules to judge things. There is also cultural variation in how we see things. Americans tend to view large things and large quantities as good much more than in some other places, notably Japan.


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