Crescent moon and star islam

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crescent moon and star islam

AC/DC: Hell Aint a Bad Place to Be by Mick Wall

Mick Wall penetrates the closed world of Aussie rock legends AC/DC.

AC/DC moved to Britain from Sydney in 1975 and soon set up a residency at Londons Marquee Club. Their short hair (including the odd mullet), loud rock and attitude chimed well with the lingering pub rock and soon-to-be punk crowd.

They werent really a band for guitar solos and singer Bon Scott was the original bike-riding, speed-snorting, fighting man. An ex-convict, he lived life fast and short; he died in February 1980, just before Back in Black, their huge-selling album, took off and the second period of AC/DC (with Brian Johnson as lead vocalist) was ushered in. Back in Black has gone on to sell 45 million copies worldwide and as the band have become a global phenomenon so their reclusiveness has increased.

Mick Wall, the don of heavy metal writing, seeks to penetrate the wall around the Young brothers and write the first authoritative, in-depth critcal account of AC/DC.
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Spot the Muslim New Moon

Early Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-coloured flags generally black or white for identification purposes. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use a simple black, white, or green flag with no markings, writings, or symbolism on it. Muhammad used flags of different colours in different Ghazwat or campaigns commanded by Muhammad himself and Saraya or campaigns commanded by Sahabah , the companions of Muhammad.
Mick Wall

The Relationship Between Islam And the Crescent Moon

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The star and crescent is an iconographic symbol used in various historical contexts, but is most well known as a symbol of the Ottoman Empire. It is often considered as a symbol of Islam by extension, but this notion is denied as the religion bears no symbol. It is the conjoined representation of a crescent and a star , both of which constituent elements have a long prior history in the iconography of the Ancient Near East as representing either the Sun and Moon or the Moon and Morning Star or their divine personifications. Coins with crescent and star symbols represented separately have a longer history, with possible ties to older Mesopotamian iconography. The star, or Sun, is often shown within the arc of the crescent also called star in crescent , or star within crescent , for disambiguation of depictions of a star and a crescent side by side ; [1] In numismatics in particular, the term crescent and pellet is used in cases where the star is simplified to a single dot.


Muslims eye the sky for the crescent moon on the eve of Ramadan

The Crescent moon was originally the symbol of Hubal , the moon god worshiped by Pagans at the Ka'aba. The crescent moon and star, as with the Cross for Christianity and the Star of David for Judaism, is today a universal symbol for Islam. It has been claimed that it was not until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople Istanbul in , they "adopted the city's existing flag and symbol". However, in the crescent and star symbols were not a part of any known Byzantine flags, [5] and they were already widely used in different parts of the Muslim world, long before the fall of Constantinople. A few examples include; Islamic coins from as early as the 7 th century, [6] Egyptian and Syrian jewellery from the 11 th century, [7] [8] Persian armor of the 10 th th century, and paintings and drawings depicting Islamic mosques from areas, which then were not covered by the Ottoman Empire and from the times before the fall of Constantinople. From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam.


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