Trinny and susannah the great british body

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trinny and susannah the great british body

The Body Shape Bible: Forget Your Size Discover Your Shape Transform Yourself by Trinny Woodall

WHICH BODY SHAPE ARE YOU? Skittle, Goblet, Hourglass, Cornet, Cello, Apple, Column, Bell, Vase, Brick, Lollipop or Pear ...Forget your size. Discover your shape. Transform yourself. The key to looking fabulous lies in your shape, not your size. Join style gurus Trinny & Susannah as they reveal their revolutionary new concept in dressing for your body shape. Discover the 12 definitive female forms and the principles of dressing for each one. So whether youre a pear, cello, vase or lollipop, Trinny & Susannah will help you understand your proportions and show you the key garments and best looks to fit and flatter your figure, leaving you feeling confident and looking amazing. Discover the most common dressing mistakes and your three best looks. Trinny & Susannah select key garments to make up a capsule wardrobe, and show how these basics can be built upon to vary the look. And they show how to make the most of what you already have: what you can do with an ill-fitting or expensive mistake to bring it back to life. Includes a fabulous 22 city directory of shops, outlets and services and other must-have addresses across the UK.
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What Not To Wear Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine The Rules 2003 2/8

Trinny and Susannah

Saturdays at 2pm. Susannah says, "Above all we really want to understand how people feel about their bodies. The British public suffer from a negative view about the nation's body shape - that we're overweight, unattractive, that we feel pressurised to look a certain way. Susannah was delighted to discover that she does not have the gene, while Trinny does. Susannah explains, "The emphasis of The Great British Body series is to encourage the nation that regardless of a person's shape and size, as a country we should learn to appreciate our bodies and what nature bestowed upon us!

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Susannah, centre, and Trinny, right get a feel of how people think about themselves. Fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah arrived in Brighton in search of the archetypal British body. Reporter Rachel Wareing mingled with the coach loads of volunteers willing to be prodded and poked in the name of TV science. Would they think my brogues dandyish or ugly, notice that my jeans were fake, my vest top was bobbly or my cardigan was missing a crucial button? In the end, there was not enough time to ask, and if they did notice, they were too polite to say - though Susannah Constantine confided that she cannot help assessing the dress sense of everyone she comes across. But now, after seven years of telling people how to disguise their flaws and emphasise their assets, Trinny and Susannah are getting down to brass tacks.



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    Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are to return to ITV1 with a series in which they encourage members of the public to get naked and measure their bodies in order to compile the nation's "most comprehensive body census".

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    Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are two British fashion advisors, presenters and authors.

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    Trinny and Susannah are to return to ITV1 with a series in which they ask the public to help them compile the nation's 'most comprehensive.

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