Tom swift and his motorcycle first edition

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tom swift and his motorcycle first edition

Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road by Victor Appleton

Ive seen this books title as both Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle and Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle; in fact, its written both ways in the copy I read, the 1992 Applewood Books facsimile edition. The author tends toward the latter version, so Ill do the same. The world was introduced to quite a hero when Tom Swift debuted in this novel from 1910. A technology savant like his father, Barton, Tom is scarcely out of high school and already has a few patents to his name. Barton is the established inventor, though, and his recent design for a turbine motor is attracting attention from intellectual property thieves. A group of men want to steal his prototype before he can send it to Albany to be approved for a patent. Barton prefers not to involve the authorities, which could lead to a drawn-out civil suit or criminal prosecution, but staying ahead of Anson Morse and the other thieves becomes more difficult by the day.

When a man named Wakefield Damon decides to sell the motor-cycle he purchased for relaxing drives in the country, Tom jumps at the chance to buy it. Hed love to restore the battered motor-cycle and learn to ride; surely it would be an upgrade over his bicycle. The young inventor carefully fixes the gasolene-powered machine and soon is zooming all around the countryside. Barton hesitates to send the patent information for his turbine motor through the mail, fearful that Morse or his cronies might steal it, but Tom volunteers to drive his motor-cycle to Albany and deliver it in person. Father and son assume the thieves wont suspect a teenager on a motor-cycle, but when Bartons patent information falls into the wrong hands, Tom must put on his detective hat and get to the bottom of the mystery. Can Tom best his unscrupulous rivals with the help of a few friends hes made along the way?

The wow factor of this books technology is not what it was in 1910. Motorcycles are no longer the realm of gadget wizards like Tom Swift. I think the key to appreciating this aspect of the story is to view the technology with the fresh eyes of a boy living in the era between horse-and-buggy and automobiles, a boy with the skills to soup up a high-tech motor vehicle and, within days, master riding it. Tom Swift can achieve almost anything where science or technology is involved, making him a different sort of hero than the Hardy boys, and though his potential isnt fully realized in Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, future volumes in the series do develop it. This book is slow-paced and its reliance on coincidence heavily burdens the plot, but Id rate it one and a half stars. I love the Tom Swift franchise, and will always be back for more.
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Victor Appleton - Tom Swift And His War Tank, chapters 3 - 4

Tom Swift and His Motorcycle by Victor Appleton

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American boys, in the first half of the 20th Century, often found their heroes in print, tantalizingly displayed on the shelves of the corner drugstore. These heroes usually took two forms: the superhero, such as Superman, the Green Lantern, Spiderman, etc, who populated the comic book pages published, primarily, by DC and Marvel.

Many Swift Sr. The stories are basically adventure tales with Tom's latest invention being heavily involved in the plot. In only, the DJ was a single color. In this was changed to 2 colors. The paper was changed to white starting with volume Beginning with volume 21 in , the DJs were changed to a 2 color process referred to by collectors as "Duotone" illustrating a scene allegedly from the story. Beginning with volume 27 in , this was changed to a full color process.

Along the way, he inspired more than a few actual innovators, such as Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak and Jack Cover, who developed the Taser. Dozens of books followed in the first series, and four more series followed. In all there have been more than books, with Tom passing the torch to Tom Jr. Like many inventors, Tom started small: in the inaugural book, he merely modified his motorcycle. With honesty and hard work, we could harvest the reward for our inventions.


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