Lady antonia fraser and harold pinter

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lady antonia fraser and harold pinter

Must You Go?: My Life with Harold Pinter by Antonia Fraser

Memoir of a marriage between two people at the top of the literary game who had spouses, six children between them when they met, but cared more for each other than them. After their first meeting Pinter said to the author, Must you go? and the lust became an affair became marriage. 33 years of being in love, not just loving.

True love sometimes involves hurting others, when should we do our duty and when should we be true to ourselves? Antonia Fraser never addresses this or any other question that requires any depth to an answer. She writes only of their lives mixing with the glitterati of the literary, film and theatre world and of their love, always of their love for each other.

It is a lovely book, a deeply romantic read but in a real sense, not romance-novel at all, but it has to be said, it is shallow. I would have expected more of an author known for her deeply-penetrating and well-researched historical biographies. Perhaps love that deep needs no reflection, it just is two people as one and no questions, its all an answer to the hearts quest in itself? Ive never experienced that kind of love, but *Id like to.(view spoiler)[

*Want my phone number? Send me your life cv first ;-) (hide spoiler)]
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Lady Antonia Fraser & Oskar Eustis - LIVE from the NYPL

Let's get the self-parody out of the way first. Antonia Fraser's annotated diaries of her 33 years with Harold Pinter do contain many passages so innocently drenched in perfumed privilege that Craig Brown might and probably will slip them verbatim into one of his Private Eye parodies of upper-crust celebrity tittle-tattle. Take 7 May
Antonia Fraser

The Lady and the Playwright

In a frank interview, the famed writer talks about motherhood, Catholicism, her parents and soulmate Harold Pinter. This, five minutes into our interview, comes straight after her waving a two-fingered salute at Private Eye. I had inadvertently mentioned the satirical magazine, so thought I might as well ask her whether she had forgiven the chaps yet for nicknaming her Lady Magnesia Freelove - ooooh, about four decades ago, when London was swinging in every sense of the word. Her first response was as measured and dignified as her demeanour: "I'll tell you what, Ginny, I decided that as I was campaigning for a free press, I couldn't object. She went on to say that she does read all her reviews: "I take the criticism, you know. I'm interested by it.

Harold Pinter with his wife Lady Antonia, who reveals her love for the playwright in her new book. It lasted until his death 33 years later on Christmas Eve , aged But in the mid-Seventies, when it all started, it proved a media sensation. What made it so remarkable was the fact that Pinter and Fraser were extremely well known public figures who both dazzled in their very different worlds. She was a leading historical biographer and beautiful society hostess; he was the brilliant but brutal playwright, author of The Caretaker and The Birthday Party. The fact that they came from such different worlds — she was the eldest child of the Earl of Longford; he the only son of a Jewish East End tailor — only added to the intrigue.

The writer and historian, who has until now jealously guarded her privacy, is publishing a memoir of her marriage to Pinter, who died of cancer on Christmas Eve Lady Antonia has drawn heavily on her diaries to write the memoir, Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter , which will be published on January In it she tells how she first met Pinter — "across a crowded room, but it was lunchtime, not some enchanted evening" — and how their relationship was sealed when, in , she invited him in after he gave her a lift home from a dinner party. Although Lady Antonia, who had been married to the Conservative MP Hugh Fraser, accepted Pinter's proposal of marriage in June , it was another five years before he managed to obtain a divorce from his first wife, Vivien Merchant. In the meantime they had become one of the leading celebrity couples of their day, combining the world of theatre and letters with that of high society.

It's the most eagerly awaited book of the year. Starting today, Lady Antonia Fraser tells the story of her secret affair with playwright Harold Pinter: How it ended two marriages, scandalised Britain - and brought her a lifetime of intoxicating passion.
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As the daughter of an earl , she is accorded the courtesy title "Lady" and thus customarily addressed formally as "Lady Antonia". As a teenager, [5] she and her siblings converted to Catholicism , following the conversions of their parents. In response to criticism of her writing about Oliver Cromwell , she has said, "I have no Catholic blood". Before his own conversion in his thirties following a nervous breakdown in the Army, as she explains, "My father was Protestant Church of Ireland , and my mother was Unitarian up to the age of 20 when she abandoned it. She also has written detective novels ; the most popular involved a character named Jemima Shore and were adapted into a television series which aired in the UK in More recently, Fraser published The Warrior Queens , the story of various military royal women since the days of Boadicea and Cleopatra. She chronicled the life and times of Charles II in a well-reviewed eponymous biography.


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