Hymns and stories behind them

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hymns and stories behind them

101 Hymn Stories: The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns by Kenneth W. Osbeck

I expected dramatic stories from every hymn as with the guy who lost his daughters and was able to declare in that spot that it is well with our souls. Not so, and Im thankful. So often, it seems God springs profound and lasting words from persevering in relatively ordinary habits, like prayer and ministering to people who are hurting.

Even better for this particular would-be scribe in a wheelchair, He has used a disproportionate number of people with physical limitations to transcend those limitations, and indeed the limits of their lives, by their words He has seen fit to keep pumping through Christendom. Fanny Crosby had not written a Christian song until she was 44, and she wrote 8000 thereafter. There is hope.
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It is well (the story behind the famous hymn) performed by Colin Battersby

We see this both in its enduring usage in churches today and in its ongoing appearances in modern culture for example, in the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics. What about the hymn has made it so well loved?
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Top 10 Most Popular Hymns of All Time and Their History

In , Eleanor Hull, a writer of English history and literature, penned the prose into verse form. The melody for this hymn is a traditional Irish tune. Thomas Obadiah Chisholm was born in a log cabin in Kentucky never had the benefit of high school or advanced training. He began his career as a school teacher at the age of sixteen, in the same country schoolhouse where he had received his elementary training five years later became the associate editor of his home town weekly newspaper, and at twenty-seven years old, accepted Christ as his personal Savior during a revival meeting. Later, Chisholm was ordained to the Methodist ministry but was forced to resign after a brief pastorate, due to poor health. Though a Methodist minister at the time, he left the Methodist church when he moved to Cambridge and became a Baptist pastor.

Hymn Stories: How Firm a Foundation (+ Free Download) writes Louis Benson, “is the great number of original hymns secured by him and there first printed.
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Hymn History The Olney Hymns, Newton and Cowper

When low of spirits, I find "hymn therapy" a great way of treating what ails me. Humming, singing, or listening to one of a great Christian hymn massages the mind with God-prescribed salve. This isn't just a psychological lift; it's a biblical practice for nurturing the soul, as we see in passages like Psalm 13, where the author begins with the words: "How long must I wrestle with my thoughts? Here are three of stories to brighten your day. How Great Thou Art. While recovering from a serious mining accident in Oklahoma, Vernon Spencer began playing music at a local bar called the Bucket of Blood. He enjoyed the work so much he hopped on a train to Hollywood in , hoping to make it big.

Chuttersnap photo Freely. Tragedy strikes all of us at different times in our lives. Paul and Silas found themselves wrongfully imprisoned in the jail in Philippi Acts The song they sing at midnight changes everything and demonstrates the power of the gospel to impact lives even in the worst of circumstances. Consider these well-loved hymns—midnight songs, if you will—and the truth we find in the stories of how they were written. It was and two friends serving together at a Sunday school conference in Alabama were at lunch, sharing what God was doing in their lives.


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    All across the world, millions of believers sing hundreds of thousands of different songs.

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    The Unknown Stories Behind Three Well-Loved Hymns a.

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    Top 10 Most Popular Hymns of All Time and Their History

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    Sharing the stories behind everyday hymns such as Amazing Grace, Beyond The Sunset,At Calvary, A Titanic Hymn and many more.

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