Build my own rc car

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build my own rc car

The R/C Car Bible: How to build, tune and drive electric and nitro-powered radio control cars on and off-road by Robert S. Schleicher

When it comes to scale-size motorsport thrills, few hobbies can match the untethered thrills of R/C cars. Whether screaming across the asphalt or bounding over a dirt course, R/C cars offer enthusiasts an ever-increasing level of power, detail, and sophistication. In this volume for veteran and newbie R/C enthusiasts alike, ace hobby writer Robert Schleicher offers a fully illustrated guide to both electric and fuel remote-control vehicles. From selecting the right scale and tending to the power source to tuning the chassis and choosing gear ratios and tires, Schleicher covers all the angles that go into R/C driving. He also considers nitro power, painting and decals, off-road driving techniques, setting up road-race courses in parking lots, and even building off-road courses. Appendices include a glossary and information on clubs, publications, and suppliers.
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Published 30.11.2018

How to make a 4WD RC Car? Only use eBay parts and a little Creativity!

RC Car Kits to Build

My easy-to-follow guide outlines everything you need to know on how to build your own RC car. I cover kit options as well as building models from scratch. It makes sense to go with the kit version if this is your first project. Kit building is the best way to become familiar with the composition and construction of a vehicle. They are the natural stepping stone to build-your-own models from plans. All you need is in the box, along with a set of detailed instructions presented in a logical order.

RC cars are a fun, active toy which improves hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. When parents choose build your own RC car kits for their kids rather than prefabricated cars, kids have a chance to get a hands-on experience with building and learn some basic engineering skills that can foster interest in the STEM fields. Eg, do you want a hobbyist style build? Or are you simply looking for a LEGO-style build-and-go project? Kits for adults are also often a lot pricier, so you certainly want to avoid spending extra money on something that your child would find frustrating because of its difficulty.

Step 2: An Overview at the RC Car

The hobby of radio-controlled RC cars, boats, and aircraft has long been a gravitational pull for inventive makers. In fact, being a do-it-yourselfer was a prerequisite in the early days of RC. Not only did you have to build your own vehicles, you had to build the radio equipment too! A lot has changed about RC since then, but it is still a great avenue for creative minds to put their vehicular ideas and designs into tangible form. This is the first of a series of articles that will serve to explain the basics of RC and illustrate the scope of its creative possibilities. Just like any other electronics-based industry, RC has seen enormous technological advancements in recent years.

I made this RC car for my class project. The main reason I wrote this intructable is to teach people not only how to build a RC car like this one of mine, but also how are RC car designed, and how do they works, so they could be able to design their very own RC car. I will talk about steps to make this RC car, but also more important the "why" behind the steps. So let begin! Did you use this instructable in your classroom?


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