My old place chinese restaurant

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my old place chinese restaurant

Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li

The popular Beijing Duck House in Rockville, Maryland has been serving devoted regulars for decades, but behind the staffs professional smiles simmer tensions, heartaches and grudges from decades of bustling restaurant life.

Owner Jimmy Han has ambitions for a new high-end fusion place, hoping to eclipse his late fathers homely establishment. Jimmys older brother, Johnny, is more concerned with restoring the dignity of the family name than his faltering relationship with his own teenage daughter, Annie. Nan and Ah-Jack, longtime Duck House employees, yearn to turn their thirty-year friendship into something more, while Nans son, Pat, struggles to stay out of trouble. When disaster strikes and Pat and Annie find themselves in a dangerous game that means tragedy for the Duck House, their families must finally confront the conflicts and loyalties simmering beneath the red and gold lanterns.
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My Old Place is a busy Chinese restaurant in London, Spitalfields, and specialized in Szechuan cuisine.
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My Old Place has remained one of the most reliable spots for me over the years, delivering plate after plate of fragrant hot oil slicked Szechuan cuisine. It always arrives fast, piping hot, delectable and in large quantities. Ruddy cheap too. It makes a change to the blemished interpretations of what Chinese food really is. My Old Place is no exception.

But where to find the best of it? We use the term Chinese food as a catch-all term for numerous different regional cuisines, and while restaurants might specialise and excel in one of these it is likely that other dishes might be distinctly mediocre. It is great Chinese comfort cooking at its best, made with high quality ingredients. Wong restaurant in Victoria. So long as you have prepared yourself for non-stop eating of great quality Chinese food, you will never leave Hunan with regret! All my friends from there count this as one of their favourites when they come to London.

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My Old Place opened in in Spitalfields, offering a somewhat Sichuan-oriented menu in an informal setting. The menu is vast and includes plenty of Cantonese staples as well as some Sichuan dishes. A few of the dumpling dishes are made fresh to order by a lady working in a little booth to the side of the bar. Pork dumplings arrived piping hot and had reasonable texture. The only let down was the sliced pork with chillies, which suffered from rather overcooked, and not particularly tender pork. Singapore noodles were much better, the texture of the vermicelli being fine and were capably cooked.

Great Chinese Food - like being back in Hong Kong! Dinner last night: some of the best lamb skewers redolent with cumin and sichuan peppers at the ever-dependable My Old Place at Liverpool Street. Fantastic at 1. These are right up there with the best and would be smashing rolled up in a paratha with sliced onions and a squeeze of lime! Amazing food too!!!

Payment types No Credit Cards. They say all good things must come to an end, and we the people have to deal with the ending of great things all the time, like the latest series of your beloved reality TV programme, the transfer window, or two consecutive days of sunshine. Processing the aftermath of these events might involve wailing through feelings of despair and regret, sitting at your local with a pint and your head down on the bar, or purchasing a new brolly. In these times of trivial loss, we head to My Old Place. And now let us explain why you should consider doing the same.


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    True Northern Chinese food!

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    review of Chinese restaurant My Old Place in Spitalfields by Andy Hayler in July

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    This is not a typical Chinese restaurant in London.

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