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jesus huerta de soto youtube

Jesus Huerta de Soto (Author of Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles)

Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Carl Menger, Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk, Friedrich Hayek, Israel M. Kirzner
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Jesus Huerta de Soto - La paranoia antideflacionista

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Jesus Huerta de Soto

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This is one of the most complete conferences that Professor Huerta de Soto has ever given. Enjoy it and feel free to share it amongst your friends ;. Were the Spanish Scholastics the predecessors of Classical Liberalism as we know it today? The great Professor Huerta de Soto explains it to us in this inspirational conference. Is this his most famous video? Leave your comments and share it!

Esperar y ver. En este periodo actual, en cuanto se refiere a imprentas, han desgastado los moldes de tanto imprimir. Hasta ahora la FED ha sido capaz de mantener los intereses bajos porque los mercados le han dado el beneficio de la duda. A partir del minuto 48, Huerta de Soto habla de todo esto. Si el profesor Huerta de Soto lo dice, yo no soy quien para contradecirlo.

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No economic crisis and consequent recession hit when the lengthening of the stages in the productive structure, a process we studied in the last chapter, results from a prior increase in voluntary saving, rather than from credit expansion banks bring about without the backing of any growth in real saving. Indeed if a sustained rise in voluntary saving triggers the process, this saving prevents all of the six microeconomic phenomena which spontaneously arise in reaction to credit expansion and which reverse the artificial boom that credit expansion initially creates. In fact in such a case there is no increase in the price of the original means of production. On the contrary, if the loans originate from an upsurge in real saving, the relative decrease in immediate consumption which this saving invariably entails frees a large volume of productive resources in the market of original means of production. These resources become available for use in the stages furthest from consumption and there is no need to pay higher prices for them. In the case of credit expansion we saw that prices rose precisely because such expansion did not arise from a prior increase in saving, and therefore original productive resources were not freed in the stages close to consumption, and the only way entrepreneurs from the stages furthest from consumption could obtain such resources was by offering relatively higher prices for them. In addition if the lengthening of the productive structure derives from growth in voluntary saving, there is no increase in the price of consumer goods which is more than proportional to a corresponding increase in the price of the factors of production.


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    English language version of the course in economics by Professor Jesus Huerta de Soto at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain.

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