Was lord darlington a real person

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was lord darlington a real person

The Critical Beatdown - The Remains of the Day: Lord Darlington the Fascist Showing 1-6 of 6

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Teesside University Chancellor Lord Sawyer of Darlington

Hitler's aristocratic admirers

Ian Kershaw's attention was drawn to Lord Londonderry's relationship with the Nazis by an 18in Meissen porcelain statuette of an SS stormtrooper adorning the mantelpiece of the Londonderry family home in Northern Ireland. It was a present from Joachim von Ribbentrop, German ambassador to London and later Hitler's foreign minister, who had been a weekend guest in Making Friends with Hitler is a window into the almost-forgotten world of s appeasement, showing why it appealed to so many and why it was doomed from the start. It is hard now to appreciate the social and political eminence of people such as Lord and Lady Londonderry, owners of coal mines, vast tracts of land and, among other properties, a Park Lane mansion with 44 servants. They entertained royalty — Londonderry was called "Charley" by the King — and were on first-name terms with leading political figures. It is harder still to appreciate how they saw themselves: their rights were birthrights, their pre-eminence pre-ordained.

No literary butler can ever quite escape the gravitational field of Wodehouse 's shimmering Reginald, gentleman's gentleman par excellence, saviour, so often, of Bertie Wooster's imperilled bacon. But, even in the Wodehousian canon, Jeeves does not stand alone. Behind him can be seen the rather more louche figure of the Earl of Emsworth's man, Sebastian Beach, enjoying a quiet tipple in the butler's pantry at Blandings Castle. And other butlers — Meadowes, Maple, Mulready, Purvis — float in and out of Wodehouse's world, not all of them pillars of probity. The English butler, the shadow that speaks, is, like all good myths, multiple and contradictory. One can't help feeling that Gordon Jackson 's portrayal of the stoic Hudson in the s TV series Upstairs, Downstairs may have been as important to Ishiguro as Jeeves: the butler as liminal figure, standing on the border between the worlds of "upstairs" and "downstairs", Mr Hudson to the servants, plain Hudson to the gilded creatures he serves.

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But now that I think further about it, I am not sure Miss Kenton spoke quite so boldly that day. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Remains of the Day quote. The sooner you here in Europe realize that the better. All you decent, well-meaning gentlemen, let me ask you, have you any idea what sort of place the world is becoming all around you? The days when you could act out of your noble instincts are over. Let me say that Lord Darlington was a gentleman of great moral stature—a stature to dwarf most of the persons you will find talking this sort of nonsense about him—and I will readily vouch that he remained that to the last.

This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. EasyEdit Report page Share this. Lord Darlington's Obituary. Stevens : Lord Darlington, died 12 October in his bedroom at Darlington Hall, after a period of illness. His lordship was a true, old-fashioned English gentleman throughout his whole life. The good man was enthusiastic about and devoted to international affairs.

Lord Darlington is the former owner of Darlington Hall. He dies three years before the present day of Stevens's narrative. Darlington is an old- fashioned English gentleman who feels regret and guilt about the harshness of England's treatment of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I. This guilt is compounded by the fact that a close friend of Darlington's, Herr Bremann, commits suicide after World War I. This event, in conjunction with the dire economic situation Lord Darlington witnesses on his visits to Germany, inspires him to take action.


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