Best novels about serial killers

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best novels about serial killers

Serial Killer Book Lists

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Published 29.11.2018

Top Five True Crime Books (Vlogmas D16)

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Serial killers. Yeah, we get it. A quick search on Google for books about serial killers will yield thousands upon thousands of results. No doubt it comes as no surprise to have Ligotti on this list; the author has carved out his own corner of the cosmic horror genre, so much that his own nihilistic philosophy inspired the iconic character x from the first season of True Detective. True to form, Ligotti aims subverts expectations, further allowing the psychological focus to shine through.

Jo Nesbo might be just be the current king of Nordic Noir, and this bleak, tightly constructed thriller is one of his best. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Lindsay put a fascinating spin on the serial killer trope by introducing a sociopath who channels his homicidal urges toward those who have escaped justice. Patricia Highsmith was among the most influential crime fiction writers of the latter twentieth century, and Tom Ripley is her greatest creation. Beginning as a small-time con man, Ripley works his way up the social ladder to a life of opulence. Completely without remorse and absolutely amoral, Ripley does literally whatever it takes to maintain the life he has built for himself. Ripley is a charming monster, which makes him all the more fearsome, and one of the greatest characters of contemporary literature.

Top Books About Serial Killers. If you can't get enough of true crime lately, it's time to dig into the life story of someone who was or perhaps still is.
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by Jo Nesbo

Skip to main content., Personal preference, but I prefer one-offs or at the max trilogies.

The reason is simple: Norman Bates. Norman, that shy, colourless and bland motel manager, symbolises the anonymity of evil in the 20th and now 21st century. It was both a challenge and a joy to continue the story of the most famous of all deranged killers in fiction. But demented killers come in many varieties, not just the Norman type. A living embodiment of the contagion of violence, the god spreads the desire for blood with a touch of his straight razor. The book is made up of his descent into murderous madness and the deterioration of his relationships with his wife and the members of the community. It ends in a blaze of violence that leaves the reader exhausted.

Serial killers have long been a favorite villain in suspense novels, for readers and writers alike including myself the debut book in my Profiler series has my heroine hunting down the Bakersville Burier, a serial killer who buries his victims up to their necks deep in the woods. Why do we keep coming back to serial killers? It adds more tension. Murders happen every day, and usually the motive is obvious, because the killer knew the victim. Not so with serial killers, which makes them an enigma.


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