Poems about justice and truth

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poems about justice and truth

Justice System Quotes (89 quotes)

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Published 29.11.2018

East-Star Poem about Morality (Love Truth Peace Freedom Justice)

Truth And Justice 10 by Dave Alan chrissullivanministries.com the court roomthey sell words of banterif you are wrongly convicted. Page.

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An innocent man lies his head down to rest not wanting to wake to the morning sun Instead wanting to wake in a parallel universe where truth and justice is number one In the real world his days seem like years they eat away at his mind body and soul If a witness would lie he knows he might die before truth and justice Would see the light but he's got to keep up the fight All he wants is justice with no lie so come forward and let truth and justice shine it's light. Lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing. Report Reply. Dave this is a really good poem, technically written and well said. Everything flowed and you brought your reader in your world.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Abby Mendoza Sep Plip, plip, plop I wonder when will it all stop Every drop turns a darker red As all hope are replaced with dread. Plip, plip, plop We need to fix this faucet For soon we'll all drown And sadly we are too poor for a casket. Plip, plip, plop Please don't pretend you don't hear All the innocent's yawps Pleading from the faith of your ruthless spear. Plip, plip, plop Alas! Plip, plip, plop I wish to live a day without fear That the faucet won't wreck my home Coating it with an awful besmear.

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Photo by frankh. Have something to say about the poem? A year has passed since she lost what made her an avis; A lot has happened since the tragedy and the crisis- Still she has nothing at hand and feels aimless! Shylock and Portia, in a court-scene, One to shed blood, and the other Not to shed blood, on one and the same condition, To be true to the court, in favor of justice, On rules and regulations, against Antonio, A. Justice Injustice, white and black, One is a blessing, the other is fake. Injustice is a deadly snake, Justice is like a beautiful lake. Justice nourishes the roots of society, Injustice lives in an immediate priority.


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    Michael P. Johnson (7th Nov / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England) Poems by Michael P. Johnson: / 7/28/ PM ##You Are Here: Justice Peace Truth & Love Poem by Michael P. Johnson - Poem Hunter.

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