Famous poems about the death penalty

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famous poems about the death penalty

Death Penalty Quotes (55 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

Short Poems by Death Row Survivor Delbert Tibbs

The Death Penalty Is Murder - Poem by Francis Duggan

We are going to work on the controversial issue of the Death penalty or Capital Punishment. In no way my intention is to gag your ideas thus you will be given photocopies and shown videos either in favour or against. However, I cannot deny I am against this brutal act, a physical and psychological form of torture that has not worked as a deterrent against heinous crimes and that infringes human rights and brutalizes the core of humanity, that is respecting the dignity of a human being. What you will be asked to do is to make a video either a commercial against Death Penalty, or a video debating the reasons for or the reasons against Capital Punishment individually or in pairs or in groups. Which of the following images do you find the most striking to represent the Death Penalty?

Don't have an account? Register Here! I still remember that foggy day, when wounds turned into scars, my daddy was convicted of murder, locked, and put behind bars. The policemen said that he had committed the biggest kind of sin, he had killed another person, all the evidence pointed at him. Even though I was only twelve, a happy, normal youth, I knew that my daddy didn't do this, I knew it was not the truth. When I came home from school that day, I saw my mummy cry, it broke her heart to have to tell me that my daddy was going to die. Tears streamed down my unhappy face, nothing left, no bliss, I ran up to my room as I yelled, ' my daddy will not die like this!

The Death Penalty Is Murder by Francis chrissullivanministries.com go to your house of worship to your God to prayBut that your Government execute.
love across a broken map

The Death Penalty

You go to your house of worship to your God to pray But that your Government execute people with you is okay When you tell me that all bad people deserve to die Are you trying to say Moses Fifth Commandment is a lie? You tell me you live in a democracy But it does not seem too democratic to me All murder is wrong that you do not deny But in the laws of your Government a life for a life does apply And since with so called lawful executions you wholeheartedly agree You are guilty like many of hypocrisy, The blessings of a God I do not ask to receive But the death penalty is murder that's what I believe And those who believe every murderer should be made to die Without saying so are saying Moses Fifth Commandment is a lie. Hey man So powerful. Report Reply. Share this poem:.


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