Will we ever know the truth about the universe

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will we ever know the truth about the universe

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Published 29.11.2018

The Known Universe by AMNH

They wanted to know their purpose, a solution for their existential crisis and so rose and still struggle to answer the same questions as ever before: “Who are we? That they will make hypotheses, form questions at a much higher level of.

Into The Unknown: The Truth About the Universe

A few years ago, I was asked why I had such a passion for physics. Without much hesitation, I said that my interest was rooted in the need to know the truth about nature. Richard Feynman believed that knowing the truth about something came with understanding how such thing worked. Once you understand how something works, only then can you know the truth about it. He compared nature to a chess game played by the gods. But how can we tell that we know the rules of the game?

There are no uncharted lands waiting for ships to find their shores, and few if any untasted fruits waiting for human lips. Many grand mysteries of the Universe have been cracked open by science, from the makeup of matter on Earth to the nature of the stars in the sky. The child who marvels at the adventures of Magellan or wonders about how the Universe works might worry: What is left for me to discover?
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The universe itself is billions of years old, while the earliest human only first appeared a couple of million years ago on this tiny, insignificant spec of dust in this ever-expanding, never-ending universe which in turn is marching through its own life. But, with the advent of the more evolved human, came science, technology, and innovation; we made fire, built a wheel, carved on stone. With the continuous evolution of human evolved science, technology and philosophy. Even in this relatively short existence of ours, we came to ask many questions that even with the evolution and propagation of philosophy, we have failed to answer yet. Religion was one such alternate theory and it was immediately accepted widely, making human the center of everything and put an almighty creator who was watching over all of this creation of his.


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