What a purse says about a woman

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what a purse says about a woman

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Every Girl's Purse - Anwar Jibawi

What Your Handbag Says About You

What does your handbag say about you? Every woman, from girls to grandmas, wants to look great and feel great about her handbag. After all, women lug their lives around in their bags -- they're almost an extension of us. What inspired you to want to work in fashion and creative design fields? Pam Esty PE : I grew up around fashion and art. My parents are both very creative people and had a fashion business when I was young. I spent a lot of time growing up painting, drawing and making some of my own clothes and restyling a lot of clothes.

Do you tuck it under your arm or sling it over your shoulder? The way you carry your bag makes a bigger statement than you might expect. To demonstrate, we styled Michael Kors' new collection of Bancroft bags in a variety of ways then asked India Ford, body language expert and founder of TalkBodyLanguage , for her insight on what each bag-carrying style reveals about you…. India says: " This is a popular holding position for professional women, especially those who are fashion conscious. The bag is clearly on display and can be seen immediately from most angles.

1. The nook

In every woman's bag is a puzzle — a specific combination of items that reveal a whole lot about her personality, from her cleaning habits to her preparedness. What does yours say about you? What's in your bag: Phone, wallet, headphones, sunscreen you know better than to go unprotected. What it says about you: Carrying only the bare necessities, you're a no-nonsense kind of person. Your coworkers all admire your organized desk, while friends marvel at how spotless you keep your car. When your partner and you go out to eat, you are always the first to choose what you want to eat.

I know there's a dreadfully worthy kerfuffle going on regarding Philip Roth and whether he's a screaming misogynist who writes what essentially amounts to pompous pornography, but I find literary spats particularly dull — and anyway, the whole argument is drawing attention away from what I believe to be the real story in the book world: namely, a fantastic new guide I've discovered called How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag. Let me tell you, this is a real literary event. Someone who doesn't work at Waterstone's didn't tell me the following: "In publishing terms, this could be like Satanic Verses. Or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In How to Tell a Woman by H er Handbag, a former swimwear model called Kathryn Eisman makes her pitch for the Pulitzer with her tome on what she calls "purse-onality" titter : "A woman's handbag is an extension of who she is and it helps her facilitate the roles she plays — be it files for her career, shopping lists for her domestic responsibilities or make-up to be aesthetically pleasing.


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