About a boy about total exuberance

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about a boy about total exuberance

Hideous Exuberance by Stephen C. Bird

The predecessor / doppelganger / kindred spirit of “Catastrophically Consequential”. Incongruous, inappropriate, preposterous; trashy, explicit, poetic, phantasmagorical. Blasphemous, impressionistic, inflammatory; outrageous, unstructured, inane. A highbrow-lowbrow, comic-fantasy-nightmare. A flamboyant, surrealistic, experimental reaction to the random nature of existence. Its the book your parents raised you not to write.

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About a Boy Season 1 Episode 6 : About a Buble

Sign in. Watch now. Title: About Total Exuberance 04 Mar
Stephen C. Bird

About a Boy review – 1?02: ‘About Total Exuberance’

Now having hit its second episode, with a whole gamut of possible storylines in front of it, the show … basically trots out a pretty standard sitcom storyline. Is it blatantly manipulative? Oh most definitely. But, part of the power of any show, in particularly those in the Jason Katims camp, centers on how adept the writers are at disguising the mechanics of their manipulation. Seeing how depressed Will is at missing the event, Marcus suggests they slip out to the party, and his mother will be none the wiser. From here, the episode falls into familiar sitcom beats. Will tries to play it cool, have fun and flirt with ladies, only to have Marcus inadvertently sabotage him.

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All Shows. - Andy guilts Will into agreeing to babysit Marcus so Fiona can go on a job interview, but the situation gets complicated when they receive a last-minute invitation to a once-in-a-lifetime charity pool party hosted by rap star Lil Jon.

Both episodes so far have moved at a brisk pace with light, funny moments. And again in this episode, David Walton knocks it out of the park. But there are still kinks to be worked out. First of all, how does Will manage to get Marcus Benjamin Stockham into the party in the first place? Did no one on the writing staff think that security might look into a kid wandering around the party alone?



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